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Alycia Had A Bad Stomachache

I had a rude shock last night. At about 2am, Alycia opened my bedroom door sobbing away and muffled out that her stomach was very painful. I knew that it must be very painful, else she wouldn’t have cried. I applied some oil on her tummy but hubs suggested to bring her to the hospital. The pain must be really bad as Alycia agreed to go to the hospital immediately. The doctor at the ER gave her a suppository to control the pain and checked her tummy. He said that there’s a lot of wind in Alycia’s stomach. Today, Alycia skipped school again. She skipped school the whole of last week for a bad bout of purging and fever. I suspect that the pain this time must have been caused by the junk food that she ate at her school’s Canteen Day. She told me that she spent RM20 on jellies, nuggets, sausages, sweets and other junk food. Yesterday evening, hubs brought the gals down to the store and treated them to ice creams! Must be all the rubbish wreaking havoc in Alycia’s stomach.

This morning, I suggested to mil to cook a pot of lemon grass + onion soup to expel wind from Alycia’s stomach. The pot of soup tastes really delish as my mil used one big bowl of onions and a handful of lemon grass (serai) and boiled it with pork ribs and chicken bones.