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Weak Bladder

It has been 3.5 years since Cass underwent a Uretheral Reimplantation surgery and her bladder is still ‘weak’. So says the surgeon.  She still has to wear diapers to school and she knows how to change her diapers 1-2 times when she is in school. I put a few pieces of pull-up diapers in her school bag.  Back home, she either wears a pad or when I have too much work to do and unable to bring her to pee every hour, I will let her wear a diaper.  The surgeon says that normally by 6 years old, her weak bladder should strengthen.  He has a patient who had to wear a diaper until he was 8 years old.


Urine Leakage

Baby is still wetting her panties and because of this urine leakage problem that she has, I find it extremely hard to wean her off diapers. I think she is not even aware of the problem as she would tell me in frustration all the time that she did not pee in her panty. Her surgeon told us that he has many patients with similar conditions as Baby and they too had urine leakage. Only time will tell when she will outgrow this problem. He has a patient who had to be in diapers until he was 8 years old and the problem just corrected by itself one fine day. Oh gosh, I cannot imagine how much we would have to spend on diapers if Baby’s problem will only resolve on its own when she’s 8 years old. The MAG3 scan that she has to do in April will give us more answers to her problem. I hope she does not need another surgery, ever.


Leaking Urine?

At 2 years 7 months, Baby is still on diapers on and off during the day. When she is off diapers, she will be wearing training pants. Her training pants is slightly wet all the time. I suspect that she is dribbling urine. Baby’s surgeon did mention to us before that he had seen other kids with history of Kidney Reflux wetting their panties all the time. I hope this problem ain’t serious. I hope that with Kegel Exercise when she’s older, the problem will resolve without any invasive intervention like surgery. I hope Baby doesn’t need to undergo anymore surgery! I can’t wait to hear from the surgeon what he has to say about this when we bring Baby to see him soon.