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Mac And Cheese For Lunch

Here’s another easy and quick to whip up lunch for my girls – San Remo mac and cheese (MSG-free) with broiled organic french beans and free-range scrambled eggs. It’s a no-fuss and no-fret lunch for the girls. Sometimes I use broccoli and sometimes I add in some fresh mushrooms. Milk and butter are added to the San Remo mac and cheese to give it a creamier taste and texture. I normally cook extra and deep freeze half a portion for another day’s lunch. While the girls wallop the mac and cheese, I will only eat the eggs and french beans. That’s not enough to fill me up, so I normally get my portion of carbs from wholemeal crackers, wholemeal bread or yoghurt with nuts. As I age, I find that I cannot tolerate heavy meals anymore. I feel better when I am about 70% full, physically and mentally (guilt-free)!