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Almost Everyone’s Down

… with fever and throat infection. After an outing with a friend who brought along her kids who were down with fever and flu, my girls caught the virulent bugs, all 3 of them. Even the hubs is down. Thank God Cass was spared from fever but could not escape the flu and throat infection. Thanks to Esberitox, Cass managed to contain the flu from blowing up into a full-fledge one. Alycia and Sherilyn were bitten hardest and have been down with spiking high fever and throat infection. Sherilyn threw up 5 times yesterday, mostly of phlegm and had tummy discomfort. It must be the effect of the Nim Jiom Pei Par Koa that she ate. The puking and purging are ways her body expels the phlegm. I notice that each time Sherilyn is fed with pei par koa or Flumucil, there will be an inevitable episode of purging and vomiting, after which she will stop coughing and the phlegm would be reduced substantially.

I am hoping that this time, I will be spared from the throat infection. I have yet to recover 100% from the last bout of throat infection (which is now into its 4th week) and still have some remnants phlegm on and off, which is showing signs of a resurgence since yesterday. When I am really down and out, I do not get any rest. No MC. No sleeping in late though my body and head feel like they are breaking up. No. With an aching and weak body and mind, I still have to drag myself out of bed at 5:30am to prepare the girls for school and to get house chores done. Still hoping that our search for a replacement (and efficient) live-in maid will bear fruit very soon.