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Cakes Made Healthy

My chef wannabe daughter #2 dished up this dessert for her granny, my mum, on her 69th birthday several days ago…


It’s a small slice of the birthday cake (green tea cake with sweetened adzuki beans), with a huge chunk of cream scraped off coz she knows that granny can’t take dairy products, topped with healthy accompaniments like toasted pecans, almonds, pistachios, fresh cherries and freshly plucked mint leaves from our pot.

How thoughtful and sweet of that 10-year old girl eh? 🙂







Health Freak Mommy’s Breakfast

Here’s just one of my typical breakfast ideas on a weekday…

Organic oat bran with chia seeds and baked almonds with chilled chocolate milk.

Weekday breakfast is very simple, healthy and easy on my innards before I put in slightly unhealthy stuff over the weekend with something like this for a breakfast on Saturdays…

See that ham, bacon and sausage? And white bread! That’s crap! But I still indulge in deli meat once in a while.




East Meets West Refreshing Salad

My low-carb + high fiber lunch today after 20 laps in the pool this morning 🙂

East Meets West salad, composing of  Royale butterhead,  pink and white pomelo,  satay sauce as dressing and 3 forkfuls of my favorite Mee Siam (Thai-style stir-fried vermicelli).

Satay sauce (sauce made from peanuts, spices and chillies) is from the hubby’s kitchen, prepared by his Indonesian cook.

So satisfying, refreshing and wholesome, love it! 🙂


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HFM’s Healthy Breakfast – 24 June 2015

Goooood morning world!

If you’re tucking into some not so healthy breakfast right now, like a couple of greasy sausages, spam meat, ham or bacon (I know how good they taste), go easy on processed meat and artery-clogging food.  A little of something unhealthy everyday can accumulate into something really nasty inside you over time.

For a start, challenge yourself to eat something healthier today. C’mon you all can do it – for yourself and your loved ones 🙂

Let me show you my breakfast for today…

A slice of flour-free sprouted 7-grain bread with dad’s homemade pandan kaya, half a bowl of gluten-free macadamia cranberry muesli (brand – Brookfarm from Australia) and a tiny wedge of Patchi chocolate (thanks to hubs for the treat!).  This is my mid-morning brekkie.  I had an orange and a kiwi fruit at 6am this  morning and also a glass of apple cider vinegar with mangosteen juice and psyllium husk first thing in the morning.  Oh yes, I also downed a 200ML packet of Izumio hydrogen water for the much needed energy and to zap away the free radicals 🙂

Are you motivated yet to try having a healthy breakfast for a good headstart?  Your tastebuds can be trained and tamed, just like mine. In no time, you’ll feel the difference, trust me! 😉



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Healthy Breakfast – 30 May 2015

These are some light snacks for Cass yesterday while waiting for me to bring her out for breakfast of bitter gourd + minced pork vermicelli, which is our absolute favorite on a Saturday morning…

Izumio hydrogen water (to zap away free radicals), toasted almonds and toasted organic pumpkin seeds…


And of course our smoothie of the day of orange + green apple + mangosteen juice + fresh coconut water and a teaspoon of organic beetroot powder.

Healthy stuff eh?  This is my little investment for my family and myself for good health and hopefully a life free from major ailments. 🙂


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Dragon Fruit Smoothie Ice Lolly

It’s the most dreaded time of the year again. The time when it is sweltering hot and water rationing looms again.  Yours truly, the ‘puteri lilin’ gets nauseous each time she comes back from the outdoors, after getting grilled by the murderous heat.  This afternoon I made a mistake and brought the girls to the open-air coffee shop to eat piping hot bitter gourd pork noodles. Gawd, I could feel the hot soup burning my innards, causing steam to emit from my nostrils! And I was soaking in my own sweat under the canopy outside the coffee shop. I was rushing the girls to finish off their bowls of hot noodles before we made a quick dash into the nearby supermarket to enjoy the air cond to cool down before getting into our sauna car!

Here’s a little simple, refreshing and healthy cool treat I made for the girls with my Blendtec smoothie maker to chill  them down…


Ice lolly made from dragon fruit + organic Juliet apple + orange smoothie…

The girls love it and have been indulging in them everyday.


Tomorrow, I shall get a pineapple to make pineapple + orange smoothie ice lolly.  It is so much fun creating healthy ice lollies for the girls. They are free from sugar, preservative and food additives. Only goodness in every lick and good to the last drop! 🙂




Health Freak Mommy’s Breakfast – 28 October 2014

My quirky and absolutely healthy mid-morning breakfast today!  I call it quirky coz I tossed in some tortilla chips into my yoghurt for the crunch and saltiness that I craved for this morning. My first breakfast is always fruits on empty stomach followed by a cup of fresh milk with coffee half an hour later.  And the absolute first form of food that goes into my body every morning is apple cider vinegar and psyllium husk (concoction added with Ribena for ease of swallowing).  Yucky but works like a charm in combating constipation and for a flawless complexion.

Plain unsweetened low-fat yoghurt with chia seeds, toasted almond flakes, pumpkin seeds and organic tortilla salsa chips. Absolutely low in carbs and high in protein.   The zero-sugar tortilla salsa chips that tantalize my taste buds seem to be able to ward off my desire to have something sweet and sinful.





Overnight Oats With Fresh Coconut Milk

This bowl of overnight oats is probably the last thing you want to eat for breakfast. But looks can be deceiving. My bowl of chilled oats for today’s breakfast tastes awesome! It reminds me of the Bircher Muesli that I often eat at hotels for breakfast, sans the grated apple.






Health Freak Mommy’s breakfast of overnight oats today composes of chia seeds, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, ground hazelnut, fresh coconut milk and zero sugar.  All the nuts and seeds were raw and soaked with the oats and milk, except for the ground hazelnut.   The fresh coconut milk was added in last, at the time of eating.  This breakfast is suitable for diabetics and diet freaks too as it is sugar-free, low in carb and high in protein. This is just so good. Eating clean just can’t get any better!






Health Freak Mommy’s Breakfast

My breakfast for today and yesterday as well 🙂

Oats squares with yoghurt milk, ground hazelnut, toasted almond slices, pumpkin seeds and a dollop of Steffi’s sugar-free peanut butter.


2 lava eggs, seasoned with organic soy sauce and pepper. I used free-range chicken eggs.


I am trying to steer away from bread and any product that consists of yeast.  I have another yeast infection attack again, sigh!  This always happens whenever I have finished a course of antibiotics.  This year is one of the worst years for me, health wise. This is the reason why I am so anti-drugs, especially antibiotics.  But I had no choice when I had a swollen gum –  pre and post tooth extraction a few months back.  I desperately succumbed to not one but two courses of antibiotics 🙁   With a vaginal yeast infection under attack, your choice of food is really limited.  The only low carb and yeast-free breakfast that I can think of are eggs, nuts, yoghurt, yoghurt milk and low-sugar cereals.

Can you stomach unexciting breakfast like this?



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Mission Wraps With Roast Chicken and Egg Filling

I made roast chicken and egg wraps for the girls’ lunch some time back but have forgotten to post about it until I went through my picture albums yesterday.

Wrapping up overnight meat with bread or wholewheat wraps is a super easy DIY meal which even your kids can help you with in the preparation.

I had some leftover roast chicken meat with me and since it was all chicken breast, which is the least popular with my girls, I decided to ‘recycle’ the meat. I chopped up some raw cabbage and small onions, squeezed in some Japanese mayonaise and mix everything up with the shredded roast chicken meat.  This is my first filling.

The second filling  is mashed hard-boiled egg with mayonaise and pepper.

On my sheet of Mission wraps, I spread the two fillings on it.

 photo Wrap1_zpsc3c23ad7.jpg


 photo wrap2_zpsdfbccd1d.jpg


Then rolled the wraps up and toasted them for about 15 minutes.  They were really yummy and so easy to prepare since no massive cooking and oil splatter are involved. This is a no-sweat and no-brainer yet tasty complete meal.

Dessert was purple sweet potato sweet soup.

And so this was our very simple, wholesome and yummy lunch on a school-going day! The girls loved it!

 photo wrap3_zps04b990f7.jpg