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Incontinence After My 3rd Cesarean

My first Cesarean went quite smoothly and I was already feeling great several hours after I was pushed out from the OT, albeit I was itchy all over my body and face and was still shivering, as a result of the spinal cord anesthetics.  There wasn’t much pain either.  My second post Cesarean (after a gap of 14 months from the first Cesarean) was really painful and I felt really sleepy when I was wheeled out of the OT.  My 3rd post Cesarean was the worst.  Not only was it painful, my guts were also inflammed and I could not fart for 2 days!  The wind was playing tricks inside my guts big time for 2 tormenting days, every single minute of the day for 2 torturous days! 

Well, long story cut short, when I was back home, I was absolutely horrified when I woke up one night feeling wet on my pants.  That was around 5-6 days post Cesarean.  I was utterly upset and worried that I felt no sensation that my bladder was full when I was in a lying down position – supine or on my sides.  It was as if my bladder was numb when it was full!  I could not believe that I was incontinent and for Pete’s sake, I was only 35 years old…. how young can that be to be incontinent!  The same thing happened the following night.  OMG, I was absolutely devastated.  I immediately got an appointment to see my gynae who did an ultrasound scan on my womb and bladder but found nothing wrong with my bladder, save for a small patch of blood clot (or maybe fibroid) next to my womb.  My gynae advised me not to drink anything a couple of hours before going to bed and to empty my bladder frequently to prevent bed-wetting.   I did what was told and because I was so conscious about going to the loo, I could not sleep peacefully and woke up almost every hour to pee!  My hubby even had the cheek to rub salt to the wound by jokingly asking me to wear adult diapers!  I felt like giving him a big punch on his face!  

Over time, I regained sensation of my bladder and I have not had any bed-wetting anymore.  I wonder if anyone else experienced what I had experienced.