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What Makes My Day

When there is no foul smell in Baby C’s soiled diaper each time I smell it,

When Baby C’s pee does not look yellowish on her diaper,

When our doctor tells us that Baby C’s condition is under control,

When I see that Baby C’s pee is clear in the specimen bottle,

When I see how well Baby C progresses in her mental and physical developments everyday. My hope is that the  antibiotics that she’s taking everyday will not thwart her mental and physical developments.

When my 3 precious angels are in good health,

When Sherilyn does not throw into a fits of rage and bawl for no reason,

When Alycia and Sherilyn are obedient,

When Alycia can read her books,

When Alycia and Sherilyn tell me that they love me.

When Alycia or Sherilyn run to my room just before they sleep to tell me “goodnight, I love you mummy

When there are opps for me from advertisers.  Well, that’s not so important to me anymore, but an opp a day would still make my day *greedy*.  Opps or no opps is secondary now. What’s most important is that my 3 angels are in the pinkest of health everyday.

These are what make my day. What makes your day?

Here are some pix of Baby C crawling to reach out for :

…. the wheels of the crib…. and then to lick it, oh gawd, yucky and dirty! She seems to be obsessed with wheels….

Notice the small brown patch on the terrazzo floor? Baby C is obsessed with touching it. She thinks it is an object and would keep scratching it with her fingers… and licking it too….

and she’s also obsessed with mah mah’s lazy chair legs.  She keeps touching it and licking it too…. oh my, this baby loves putting everything she sees into her mouth now.