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Sherilyn’s All Well Now

After 5 days of being down with high fever, a swollen throat and stuffy nose, my little cili padi is back on her feet again.  She started going to pre-school again yesterday, attended her second ballet lesson (and wore her new ballet costume and she was in seventh heaven!), regained her appetite (and boy, her appetite was quite ravenous!) and stopped being crabby.  She was all bubbly, chatty and mischevious again since yesterday.  The fever only subsided on the 5th day of taking the Augmentin antibiotics.  Fortunately, the 5-day course of Augmentin managed to bring her fever down, else she would have to either continue the Augmentin for another 2 days or be prescribed with another antibiotics, just like what happened to Alycia about 2 years back when she also fell really ill, for the same reason.  My 2 older girls are very very prone to throat infections and our paed said that it’s hereditary coz both the hubs and I also have sensitive throats and are easily prone to throat infections and ulcers (esp. the hubs).


Hallucinations Arising From High Fever

I got a scare outa my wits one time when Alycia had high fever and started to have hallucinations. That happened 2 years ago when she was almost 3 years old. She was having high fever for a few days, despite being on medication and one morning, she woke up and told me that she saw a snowman at the window and she appeared to be in a daze!  I thought she had brain damage resulting from the high fever and quickly brought her to see the pediatrician.  She also had rashes resulting from the high fever, which hubby and I were worried sick that it was Dengue fever.  The dr ordered a blood test done and thank God, all was well.  In fact, Alycia’s fashion is that whenever she has very high fever (above 38.5 degrees Celsius), red blood spots and rashes will appear on her face and body.  After noticing this trend several times, I no longer get worried when she gets blood spots and rashes when she has high fever now.  My mum told me that I used to be like this too when I was a toddler, so I guess it’s all in the genes.

Alycia is very prone to getting fevers. In fact, she will have fever whenever she has a throat infection (something which she gets very frequently as she has a sensitive throat, just like daddy and mummy) or runny nose. Each time her body is burning with a high fever, she tends to have a mild hallucination and will say things that she will not say when she is normal, which is really scary. As she grew older, the high fevers are lesser now, thank God! But she is still pretty much prone to having throat infections and can’t eat too much heaty food like biscuits, chocolates, crackers and deep fried food.

Here’s an article on hallucinations and high fever, which I obtained from the internet :

A high fever, especially in children, can evoke hallucinations, consciousness changes, or dream-like states that resemble hallucinogenic states. Requires urgent medical attention.Hallucinations can arise from a high fever or other illness involving a fever. These type of febrile hallucinations arise particularly in children and the elderly.Hallucinations can affect any of the senses: visual hallucinations (seeing things), aural hallucinations (hearing noises or voices), taste hallucinations, or sensory hallucinations.