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All 3 Kiddos Down With Purging And High Fever

I thought Alycia was spared from the bout of purging and high fever that had hit Sherilyn and Cassandra but she too was bitten by the vicious bug yesterday. When Alycia came back from tuition yesterday, she looked tired, listless and down. She was also throwing a tantrum. She then went into her bedroom and slept on the floor until 7pm. During dinner, she could not even eat half the bowl of porridge. I touched her body and it was burning hot. Took her temperature and it read 38.2 degrees Celsius. Alycia displayed all the similar symptoms as Sherilyn and Cassandra – purging, stomach ache, lethargic and high fever. All 3 kiddos poo poo throughout the night – Sherilyn twice, Alycia once and Cassandra once. Alycia puked once too this morning. Today, both the older girls are skipping school to rest at home. I hope all these purging episodes will come to an end SOON. I am so tired washing pooped out bottoms every hour of the day!


A Day Of Washing Pooped Out Bottoms

Today is a day of washing pooped out bottoms for me!! Both Baby and Sherilyn are having diarrhea. They are slightly feverish too. I kid you not, I am rushing to the bathroom to washed pooped out bottoms every half an hour. Baby was feverish for 1-2 days and is better today. But she pooped 4-5x today. Consistency of the poop is like porridge. Sherilyn started having high fever (highest was at 39.3 degrees Celsius) yesterday. I knew she was not well when she napped for 2 hours in the afternoon yesterday. She hardly ever naps in the afternoon no matter how tired she may be. The fever did not subside despite a suppository. This morning hubs brought Sherilyn to the paed’s office. The paed said she has viral infection and a slight strep throat. I wonder why doctors like to lump most of the sicknesses as viral infection? Can they just be a little specific? She was prescribed with Esberitox (wonder why she was given Esberitox though she has no cold!), a Leftose syrup for the throat and Ibuprofen for the fever. Sherilyn has been running to the throne every half hourly and I have been washing her bottom as well as Baby’s non-stop the whole day! I wonder what caused the diarhhea. I am now suspecting that it’s the fresh milk they drank or the santan from the Indonesian dessert that they ate at this Indonesian restaurant we went to on Sunday. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for us.


Baby C Has Diarrhea

Baby C has been purging for the past 1 week, since Friday last week. I really don’t know what is causing the diarrhea as she has not been eating anything new or unusual. She is still breastfed exclusively and my diet has not been altered either… I didn’t eat anything unusual either. The diarrhea could be due to the bacteria in her urine…. that’s what our pediatric nephrologist said and I think it’s quite true as each time she has purging, her pee would smell foul too.

I brought her to see our usual paed and he advised us not to prescribe any medication to stop the purging.  It’s best to purge out all the toxins in the body.  My pediatric nephrologist recommended Smectar (a stool thickener) but my paed wasn’t too keen to recommend it as it may cause high fever.  He gave Baby C a few sachets of Pedialyte and said that I have to feed them to Baby C to prevent dehydration.  The orange flavored oral rehydration salt that the MO prescribed earlier, well, Baby C hated the taste and puked.  Pedialyte is well tolerated by her as it is flavorless, except for a tinge of salty taste.

I was also advised to wash Baby C’s sore diaper area with saline and apply zinc dioxide cream on it.  Her labia looked like someone had applied red lipstick on them when she had diarrhea for 3 days.  She screamed each time I washed the area after she had pooed.  Poor baby, she has really been going through a lot of pain and torture lately.  I pray that by God’s grace she will be able to get out of her nightmare and will be able to outgrow her kidney reflux soonest possible.