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Baby C Has Fever

…. after her third PCV jab (Prevenar jab for Pneumoccocal) last night. The fever developed at around midnight and her temp is still hovering at 37.7 – 38.4 degrees Celsius. But I am holding back on the PCM (paracetamol) as I just don’t like the idea of her little body taking too much meds. As it is now, her body is already overloaded with meds. Moreover, after the recent hospitalization for another UTI attack, she has developed a phobia of taking oral meds. For the past 1 week, she has been puking almost everyday when I feed her the antibiotics. Can you beat it that my maid and I had to spend over half an hour to an hour to feed her just 1.1ml of antibiotics? That’s around half a teaspoon. I have tried everything as treats for her but nothing seemed to work. This morning, she puked the antibiotics out again. I called the pediatric surgeon to ask for suggestion and he said to cut down the antibiotics from twice a day to once a day at 2ml.

I have been sponging and showering Baby C the whole day. As at 4pm today, I have already showered her 3 times. I find showering and sponging her body a very good way of reducing the body heat.

Baby C has been quite listless and sleepy today. Nevertheless, she still ate her cereal with fish and she ate till she dozed off in my arms! I hope that her fever will ease off by this evening.

Baby C with her Disney fever patch that koo mah bought from Hong Kong.