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Rosken Dry Skin Cream For Eczema

I discovered by chance that the Rosken Dry Skin Cream worked on Baby C’s eczema.  Baby C has been having patches of red, sore and peeling skin on her cheeks and chin on and off. She also had eczema on her legs, which caused her itchiness.  It was exacerbated by cow’s milk (in her cereal), which I had since stopped a few months ago.  The eczema went away a few months ago but when she started to eat porridge and Nutrifresh recently, the eczema re-appeared.  I think her skin must have been allergic to some ingredients in the porridge or the soya protein in the Nutrifresh. 

When I brought her back to Ipoh recently, I had forgotten to bring along my tub of Aqua Cream.  Since I only had a tub of Rosken Dry Skin Cream which I use for my dry skin, I applied some on her eczema affected areas on her face and legs.  After just a few days, the red and sore skin became better and now, the skin on her face is flawless again, thanks to Rosken.