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Vaginal Yeast Infection In Toddlers

One of my friend’s 5-year old daughter has a vaginal yeast infection.  Her labia has been rather red for months and my friend thought that was due to the fact that her daughter did not wipe that part after her wee wee in pre-school.  For the past 1 week, my friend was horrified when she noticed a discharge that appear yellowish, greenish, brownish and bloody on her daughter’s panty.  At first she thought it was just smeared with some poop as it smelled foul. However, the discharge was persistant and she finally took her daughter to the paed.  The paed examined the girl’s down under and confirmed that there is an infection.  The girl was prescribed with an oral antibiotics and 2 types of topical cream, namely Daktarin and Bactroban, all to be eaten and applied for 7 days. In addition, she was also given Lactacyd feminine wash, to wash her down under thrice a day.

The paed also advised my friend that tight pants and jeans are a no-no for her daughter. Best to wear skirts and dresses. After the course of antibiotics, her daughter is to eat probiotics and yoghurt. 

I thought vaginal yeast infection only attacks older females but I was wrong. It attacks female of all ages.