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Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Alycia has a huge ulcer on her lower inner lip.  She and Sherilyn seem to take after daddy’s bad genes coz he is always attacked by ulcers on his lips and tongue.  One time, many many moons ago, he was hospitalized for a week for having gigantic ulcers in his mouth and tongue.   Though my gals drink lots of water, they are still very susceptible to getting throat infection and mouth ulcers… no thanks to daddy’s genes!

Anyway, I did a google search on home remedies for mouth ulcers and found this website.  There were many suggestions given ranging from apple cider vinegar to toothpaste, Listerine or any mouth wash, hydrogen peroxide, turmeric powder,  Vegimite, brown molasses, salt, raw honey and many more.  Many even swear by applying sulphuric acid (found in batteries) to the mouth ulcer!  Yikes… I think these people are crazy to have the guts to put such a substance into their mouths!

Alycia has been gargling her mouth with salt water since yesterday but I’ve not been diligent enough to remind her to gargle several times a day.  Anyway, I will try the honey method later.  I’ll apply some Manuka honey (UMF 10+) onto the ulcer directly and will get her to gargle her mouth with salt water more often.  Will see how effective these are and keep you all posted.