• 06Jul

    You’ve tried the fad diets. You’ve followed the advice of every tabloid out there. If you’re weary of ineffective or downright insulting weight loss tips, here are five real ones that will get the job done.

    1. Add, Don’t Subtract

    Instead of just denying yourself cookies and cakes, replace the junk food in your fridge with something else. For example, reach for sugar-free jello every time you really want candy. You’ll still be allowing yourself a treat but it won’t be the kind that sticks to your thighs.

    2. Only Make Permanent Changes

    Fitness fails when people make unrealistic changes to their lifestyle that they know they’ll never be able to sustain in the long run. Don’t force yourself to have a salad for lunch every day unless you plan to have salad for lunch every day for the rest of your life. Instead, stick to salad once a week.

    3. Not Tomorrow, Today

    How many times have you told yourself well, I messed up today, so I might as well stop dieting for the rest of the afternoon and pick it up again tomorrow? This is faulty and disordered thinking that leads directly to binging. Hold yourself accountable for every morsel that crosses your lips.

    4. Find Exercise You Actually Enjoy

    This ties back into #2, but don’t try to turn yourself into a morning jogger when you despise running. Find some kind of dance class or yoga workshop that you genuinely enjoy participating in, and then working out won’t be such a chore.

    5. Consider Weight Loss Surgery

    It isn’t giving up. It’s getting back in control of your life. Once you have things firmly in hand, it’ll be much easier to think about the future and make positive lifestyle changes than when you were careening around a corner with no brakes.

    These are just a few tips for shedding the last of that body fat. For more information, including surgery options, talk to people like Dr Paul Collins St Petersburg FL. They’ll set you straight!


  • 18Aug

    While my girls tucked into their spaghetti noodles with chicken bolognese sauce for lunch yesterday, I had my kind of spaghetti, free from carbohydrates – with organic alfalfa sprouts 😉



    This tasted SO SO good and not cloy at all.  There’s something about durum wheat noodles that give me a cloy feeling after the meal, which I hate. The same goes whenever I eat yellow noodles or flat rice noodles.  But with green sprouts, mmmm, it tastes so refreshing and I do not have the nauseous feeling after my meal! And alfalfa sprouts are very healthy too!


    I also like to enjoy my ‘spaghetti’ by substituting the wheat flour spaghetti with multi-grain and seed crackers or a slice of toasted wholemeal bread.    This way, I do not have to worry about the insulin spike from the wheat flour and I get to enjoy the meaty bolognese sauce without feeling fat!







  • 07Feb

    This morning, I just had a craving to eat something soupy and salty.   I was pretty fed-up with eating CNY cookies and bread.  So after dropping off Cass in kindy, I went to a nearby coffee shop to take away this:


    It has got to be high in protein, high in fiber and low in carbs but every stall inside the coffee shop was selling noodles.  The stall that sells the closest to a high protein meal is the pork noodles stall.  So I got myself a bowl of minced pork with reduced vermicelli (only a small fist full, which I did not even finish) with an added egg, lots of green veggie and a piece each of bitter gourd and ladies finger with stuffed fish paste.  Yes, my crave is now satiated and my brain can now function at full strength 😀


  • 30Jan

    For the first time in my life, I am NOT binging on Chinese New Year snacks this year.  In previous years, I would have already finished off a few containers of cookies and chips even before Chinese New Year arrived.   Actually, it is not hard at all.  Ever since I kicked off my addiction on deep fried food, pastries, ice-creams and other sugary snacks, my taste bud changed as well.  It also helps heaps that the MIL has now turned into a health freak after a few health scares last year.  When everyone in the house eats clean, it is very easy to eat clean too.  Even my foodie hubs is turning into a health and fitness freak now — since last year, when he successfully lost a few kilos.

    It is not an overnight alteration. It took me months to alter my taste bud.  Ever since I stopped eating deep fried food, those zits stopped rearing their ugly heads too. That is my greatest motivation – to look into a mirror looking at a glowing face 😀  My complexion is almost flawless now and best of all, I have absolutely NO craving on deep fried food and sugary snacks now.  Of course I still do eat snacks every now and then, but I do not crave for them and do not binge on them anymore. I snack mostly on almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts and roast pumpkin seeds to stave off hunger.

    There are containers of deep fried arrowroot chips, cookies and pork jerky sitting invitingly on the table of our CNY corner but you know what? I have almost zilch desire to pull off the celo tape of the caps to feast on those sins!  Monkey see monkey do. My kids have never been so disciplined before. They have not even asked permission to eat those cookies and chips!



  • 19Feb

    Not me! It’s my dear hubs! He has been having an unusual strong craving for chocolate cakes lately. Ever since he tried the chocolate cake from Food Foundry, he has been craving to indulge in those decadent chocolate cakes all the time. He would be crazy enough to pack us all into the car at 10:30pm just to make a trip to this bakery to grab his favorite chocolate cake. On Valentine’s Day, we had coffee and cakes (rich and creamy cakes!) at Alexis Bistro (another place for superb cakes) at 11pm with a group of friends. Gosh, I am so sick of cakes now. Thankfully I don’t need pills for weight loss just yet. All I need to do is to sacrifice half an hour of beauty sleep each morning to work out in the gym.

  • 15Jan

    Ever since I stopped nursing Baby about a month ago, my weight has increased by 1kg. I find that my appetite has decreased and I don’t feel hungry as often as I used to for the past 2yrs 8 months when I was breastfeeding Baby. I used to munch a lot on snacks but my weight would not shoot up. Now, though I exercise and reduce my calorie intake, my weight just won’t budge. It’s stagnant at 45kg. I was 44kg before Baby was conceived. It was down to 43.5kg at one point of time recently but it shot up again after my holiday in Penang and Ipoh. No matter how hard I try now, the 1kg just won’t budge. I have even increased the duration of my workout every morning but darn it, the red needle on my scale just won’t move to the left, why I wonder? I guess age is catching up with me. As we age, our body’s metabolic rate slows down too. I guess I’ll just have to accept my pre-40 year- old body as it is. After all 45kg for a 158cm height frame ain’t too bad eh?

  • 01Dec

    We will be going up North tomorrow for a week-long break. It’s our twice yearly break where we will go to Ipoh first and then to Penang for Baby’s bi-annually ultrasound scan of her kidneys. As usual, there’re going to be lots of pigging in on some of the best cuisines in the world, found in Ipoh and Penang. And as usual, during holidays, it’s hard to find the time to exercise. I hope I don’t need to get some ephedrine diet pills for quick weight-loss results after my holidays!

  • 29Sep

    When I was pregnant with my 3 babies, I had threatened miscarriages and was on HCG Injections for up to 14 weeks on top of having HCG suppositories and HCG oral meds to sustain the pregnancies. With my #3, I was more relaxed and I persuaded my doctor not to let me have those HCG injections, oral HCG and suppositories.

    HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. It is a naturally reoccurring hormone in the body in men and women, however most commonly associated with the high levels produced during pregnancy. HCG is also used for fertility treatment.

    Did you know that HCG can also be used to help people lose weight? Unbelievable but true! Some people go on a HCG Diet and take oral HCG to help them shed those stubborn fat. The HCG diet protocol requires you to eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry. There is also a vegetarian version. Oh, you will be equally surprised that HCG injections can also help you  lose weight! No wonder I lost so much weight during the first trimester of my first pregnancy! Just click on the links above to read more about HCG injections and weight loss! You’ll learn very interesting facts about HCG and its association with weight loss.

  • 15Sep

    Now that I have almost weaned Baby off my boops, I will have no one to suck away all my fats! And I don’t have the privilege to eat all that I want without fear of gaining weight. These days, I don’t have the time to run every morning without fail like I used to due to time constraint. I really hope I won’t gain weight as I am the type who can gain weight very easily if I eat like a glutton haha! I just don’t like the idea of popping diet pills though they may be the best weight loss supplements around.

  • 12Jun

    Of all the Penang hawkers fare, my favorite is Guan’s Apong at Burmah Road! I ate them for 2 days straight. My 3 girls loved it too. I gobbled 4 pieces on day 1 and another 5 pieces on day 2. Even Baby chomped down 3 pieces on both days. On the second day, I felt really stuffed after chomping down 5 pieces of coconut-sweet corn-banana apong in the car on our way back to Ipoh… immediately after a sumptuous seafood meal in a restaurant at Gurney Drive. I felt so stuffed that I had a very light dinner, though my dad had cooked a storm of 8 dishes to welcome us home. This morning, I got up early and had a half an hour run by the hillside. I felt so good after the run as I had skipped running for 2 days. Thankfully I did not gain a pound after having a feast in Penang. Thankfully I still do not need to rely on the best fat burning supplement after a food binging trip in Penang!


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