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Lose Weight With Green Tea

Another interesting fact on green tea. Green tea has gained popularity worldwide as a tea to help in weight loss. Green tea enhances your body’s metabolism rate and quickens the consumption of fat storage of the body. Recently green tea has replaced other beverages in the western world as its helps in weight loss. Drink a cup full of green tea in the morning and you are sure to lose a few pounds of excess weight. I am one green tea fan and for years I have been drinking a cuppa green tea every morning to help me move my bowels and keep my weight in check too.


Drink Green Tea To Look Young!

The health benefits from green tea are primarily due to its anti oxidizing properties which come from its caffeine, Catechin Polyphenols and Theonine. Everyone has free radicals in our body. The free radicals created in body are responsible for corroding the body, i.e. for ageing and the related symptoms.

The main job of anti oxidants is to neutralize the oxidants or free radicals present in the body and green tea is very rich in anti oxidants. The Catechin Polyphenols present in green tea are mainly responsible for the anti oxidizing effects. Thus, regular consumption of green tea can effectively delay symptoms of ageing. So ditch your expensive anti-wrinkle cream and botox jabs. Go stock up your kitchen cabinets with green tea!