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Detox Your Yourself Today

Everyone needs a detox treatment regularly to rid the toxins from our body. We are what we eat and many of us eat too much meat, processed food, fast food and junk food. If you feel sluggish all the time, feel bloated, have constipation, have acne and dull complexion and feel tired all the time, among others, it’s time you find a good detox plan and rejuvenate your body!


Cycle To The Office?

Last week, the hubs bought a bicycle. He told me that he will leave the car behind so that I can use it while he will cycle to work as his office is just 2 minutes away from where we stay, LOL! I’ll see if he has the guts to do that. Well if he does, it will be good for everyone. It saves fuel and reduces carbon emission, exercise is good for his body and I’ll have the car all to myself muahahaha! But I’ll definitely need a Garmin GPS before I dare take on the wheels!


Very Heavy Menstruation

My first menstruation after 27 months has been tremendously heavy, though no pain at all. I have always had heavy periods. But this time, it is exceptionally heavy. It’s so heavy that I have to change my pad every hourly. Last night I stained the bed badly. Fortunately there’s a plastic sheet underneath the bedsheet and the blood was prevented from seeping into the mattress. I had expected this first menses after 27 months of ‘drought’ to be really heavy. It’s like a heavy downpour after going through a period of drought! I weighed myself this morning and was surprised to see that I am now 1.5kg lighter! WOW, I can’t believe the blood that I had lost is 1.5kg heavy!!



After breastfeeding Baby for 2 years 4 months and after wondering and waiting anxiously when my menses will ever come back, it finally came back today! I am still breastfeeding Baby, though my milk supply has decreased drastically for the past 2 weeks. I think the milk supply decrease has some connection with the menses coming again. She is now sucking for comfort and not to satiate her hunger. I am still trying to wean her off my boops but it looks like it’s going to be a TALL order as this fella is really hooked on my boops, the tools that she has found comfort in all her life.

No wonder I have been seeing all the PMS symptoms for the past few days – lack of energy and stamina to run longer in the morning and zits appearing on my flawless face.

It feels weird wearing a pad again today. Those pads that have been sitting in my bathroom cupboard for almost 3 years have been fished out this morning… finally!


Sandals For Sale Too

Last week, I bought myself a pair of floral wedge sandals to try from my supplier. I must say that the quality is pretty good for the price I paid. Of course I cannot expect it to be as sturdy and comfortable as the well-known mbt shoes but I am overall pleased with it. Yesterday I posted up the pictures of the sandals for sale in my blogshop and response has been pretty good.


Magnolia Yoghurt Petite Low Fat Ice Cream With Yoghurt

I got a pack of Magnolia Yoghurt Petite Low Fat Ice Cream With Yoghurt to try from a nearby super mart and I must say that they are really tasty — not too sweet and I think it is a healthier alternative to regular ice-creams.  They are made from real strawberry juice, strawberry puree and mango puree. I think they taste very natural. My kids love them!  Baby who is an ice-cream fanatic can chomp down the  entire stick of ice cream herself!


Charcoal Bamboo Swiss Roll Cake

My hubs bought a loaf of charcoal bamboo swiss roll cake from our favorite bakery the other day.  It didn’t really look appealing because of the blackish/grayish color of the cake but it tasted good!  Some ingredients used made the texture of the cake a little ‘crunchy’.  The cream you see in the middle is custard and it ain’t  very sweet.   There used to be a hype with charcoal bamboo bread last year and now there’s charcoal bamboo cake for health savvy cake lovers!  I will definitely buy this cake again.


Garment With Built-In Physiotherapy!

My youngest daughter could not recognize her daddy when we showed her a picture I took with him 20 years ago. I guess that’s because in the picture, his huge belly was missing and his face shape was very much sharper.  When I was dating hubby, he was slim, trim and very fit. He was very active in sports and well, he still is, especially in basketball BUT his weight has shot sky high over the years. Now, he has what the Chinese call a ‘prosperous look’, which is the more polite way of calling someone fat. Being in the food business has opened the door for him to eat, eat and eat. Though he has told me umpteen times that he wanted to go on a diet and shed some weight, his weight-loss plan has always never been accomplished. He would go to the gym or go swimming diligently for a week or two and then his mission will be truncated when work / business gets in his way.

If only he could be as disciplined and persistent as I am when it comes to exercising and on the choice of food, I am very sure he can get rid of the excess baggage around his waist. Recently, I found out that my man can look trimmer if he wears a Core Precision Undershirt and underwear by Equmen. This specially designed undershirt, underwear and Precision Long Trunks  support and enhance a man’s posture and physical appearance, thus giving the man a more ‘tailored’ appearance. The special garment will help men stand up straighter, look slimmer and feel better. This undershirt is also great for back pain sufferers. It is an all-in-one special garment with built-in physiotherapy! The underwear also has compression technology, supporting the wearer’s muscles and making him look and feel better. Equmen can be worn under a business suit, casual wear and sports wear. An Equmen undershirt will definitely be a very handy birthday present for my man!

This is a model wearing an Equmen undershirt.  IF only my man can achieve this figure!!


Red Bean Ice Cubes

I bought some red bean tong sui for breakfast the other day and could not finish it. When Alycia saw the bowl of red bean tong sui sitting in the kitchen, she quietly took out the empty ice moulds from the freezer and then poured the red bean tong sui into the moulds.    After dinner that night, she was very excited and quickly checked the freezer to see how her red bean ice cubes had turned out.   She then proudly served everyone with her homemade red bean ice cubes for dessert after dinner!  And it’s way healthier than eating fattening ice creams right?


Thankful To Mum

I am so thankful to my mum that she is here to help me do revision with Alycia who is sitting for her 2nd term examination. I have been really busy with my online store and had my mum not come here, I will go bonkers, having to juggle with so many tasks. Alycia seems to have done well in her exam papers. She told me that she scored the highest for her Mandarin test. Well, I shall wait and see! I hope that Alycia will excel in her studies all through her academic years and also do well in her sat prep test in future. I am already planning ahead and I hope we can afford to send her overseas for further studies in future.