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Movie Junkie

My hubs is a movie fanatic. He has tons of VCDs and DVDs at home. Each time he sees a man peddling VCDs and DVDs by the road, he will surely take a peep and end up buying a few. He has so many VCDs and DVDs in his collection that he can open a shop to sell them. He buys originals too, like the blu ray ones and I must say that the quality is unbeatable, albeit slightly pricier Now our girls have inherited his genes. They too are movie junkies and if I would allow them, they can be a potato couch and have their eyes glued to the idiot box from dawn to dusk!


Zits But No Acne Treatment Just Yet

For almost 2.5 years during the hiatus of my menses, my hormones were rather calm. Now that my menses has resumed again, those raging hormones are wrecking havoc in my body again at different times of the month. I would have some zits on my chin and forehead towards the time of the month when I am about to get my menses. But fortunately those zits are not serious and I don’t need acne treatmentjust yet!


DHA Enriched Organic Soya Milk For Cassandra

When Baby had a slight cough with phlegm recently, I tried to stay her away from cow’s milk. I substituted cow’s milk with soy bean milk. When I was at Mid Valley Megamall, there was a booth just outside Wellness Pharmacy and Jusco supermarket promoting the range of Biogreen organic products. The salesgirl gave us most of the beverages to sample. Baby seemed to like all the beverages that she sampled and I couldn’t be happier. I thought that if she liked to drink such healthy beverages, I don’t have to spoon feed her milk anymore. I was wrong. Back home, when I gave her the soy bean milk mixed with Oatmilk, she did not show much interest and tried to feign puking!

I am really disappointed that Baby didn’t really like the soy bean milk and the oatmilk. I am trying to keep her free from cow’s milk and substitute it with soy bean milk and oatmilk. I think the soy bean milk and oatmilk from Biogreen taste pretty good but this Baby of mine does not really fancy soy bean milk or cow’s milk since birth. That’s one of the cons of a fully breastfed baby.

This organic soya milk powder has 7x DHA Gold.  The DHA is derived from seaweed.  Seaweed extract is the best plant source of DHA.  DHA is a type of fatty acid which is absorbed by brain cells and benefits our brain, nerves and visual cells.

This sugar-free Oatmilk Energy from Biogreen is made of Non GMO oats, buckwheat, soy lecithin, brown rice, black rice, red rice, pearl barley, amaranth, wheat, black bean and flax seeds.  This tastes really good too but too bad Baby doesn’t like it.


HCG To Help You Lose Weight!

When I was pregnant with my 3 babies, I had threatened miscarriages and was on HCG Injections for up to 14 weeks on top of having HCG suppositories and HCG oral meds to sustain the pregnancies. With my #3, I was more relaxed and I persuaded my doctor not to let me have those HCG injections, oral HCG and suppositories.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. It is a naturally reoccurring hormone in the body in men and women, however most commonly associated with the high levels produced during pregnancy. HCG is also used for fertility treatment.

Did you know that HCG can also be used to help people lose weight? Unbelievable but true! Some people go on a HCG Diet and take oral HCG to help them shed those stubborn fat. The HCG diet protocol requires you to eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry. There is also a vegetarian version. Oh, you will be equally surprised that HCG injections can also help you  lose weight! No wonder I lost so much weight during the first trimester of my first pregnancy! Just click on the links above to read more about HCG injections and weight loss! You’ll learn very interesting facts about HCG and its association with weight loss.


Ventolin For Cassandra

Ever since Baby was an infant, she never once took any oral meds to treat her cough or runny nose. That’s because since she was 7 weeks old, she had to take oral antibiotics everyday until she was 14 months old (that’s after the Ureteral Reimplantation surgery in May last year). Our paed has all the while been not in favor of her eating too much meds as she already had enough of meds in her body. So each time Baby is down with a flu, stuffy nose and phlegm, I will let her inhale the Ventolin, given through the Aero Chamber.  Though very costly, the Aero Chamber is a good investment.

About 2 weeks ago, Baby had runny nose and phlegm.  Again, I self treated her with Esberitox and the Ventolin.  After 3 days of Ventolin inhalation (2 puffs, 3x a day), she was well again.  I never like my kids to take oral meds for runny nose, phlegm and cough. I also kept her free from cow’s milk throughout the period she was unwell.  Cow’s milk is known to induce phlegm.  Until today, Baby is still drinking organic soy bean milk and organic oatmeal milk.  I shall blog about these 2  in my next post.


Do you still keep your old trophies?

Do you keep the trophies that you won and collected during your days in school? I still have all my trophies in my parents’ house in my hometown. They have been sitting in the same old cupboard for over 20 years and hardly ever moved, except for the occasional cleaning. My mum is a good keeper of things. She keeps my brothers’ football trophies, taekwando trophies, athletic trophies and they are all over 3 decades old! Do you still keep your old trophies?


Organic Biscuits From BioGreen

There is now a booth at Mid Valley Megamall, just outside Jusco that sells organic health food from Bio Green. And I got these organic biscuits for my girls:

Crackers made from soy bean milk and everything organic:

This puffed biscuit is really tasty.  The ingredients are organic brown rice, quick oat, pearl barley, buckwheat, millet, red rice, wheat, corn, black bean, soy bean, wheat germ and a whole bunch of seeds and nuts!This is truly  a nutritious and tasty snack!


Started To Buy Christmas Gifts

Though it’s 3 more months to Christmas, I have already started to buy Christmas gifts from online stores whenever something nice and affordable catches my eyes. Most of the gifts are for my friends’ kids. I haven’t gotten anything for my hubs or my friends and relatives yet. It’s easier to buy gifts for kids than it is for adults. I don’t like getting gifts that people will only keep and not use them. Just like when someone got a set of unique stadium seat cufflinks for me some time back when I was still working and wore shirts. They are still sitting in my drawer untouched


Career In Health Care

After experiencing so many hospital stays with Baby throughout the first 14 months of her life, my point of view on a career in nursing has changed dramatically. I think a career in the health care as well as a career in nursing are very noble and can bring about a lot of satisfaction. A good nurse and doctor can bring about so much difference to the patients and their loved ones during their period of difficulty. If you are considering a job in health care, do check out this health care job site.


Office Furniture

As my customers’ orders are getting more each day, my house is getting more cluttered with my stock. Every where in the living room is my stock and arch files. I told my hubs that I need some office furniture and a new cabinet to store my stock. But he’s been too busy with work to bring me to shop for the furniture. I will just surprise at home and order my office furniture from the internet!