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Sudden Rosy Cheeks

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that Baby’s cheeks were very rosy all of a sudden. I thought they were some kind of allergy or rash. When I touched the red patch, it was smooth and there was no rash at all.  The rosy cheeks looked very natural. She looked really pretty with rosy cheeks and strangers who saw her asked me what I fed her with to get such beautiful glow on the cheeks!  And they asked if she had come from overseas!  But I was a tad worried.  Why would she have such rosy cheeks all of a sudden? She wasn’t hot and she wasn’t sweating.  I could not recall feeding her with anything new or unusual.  About a week later, the blush on her cheeks subsided.  Now she’s back to normal but still has pinkish complexion 🙂


Well Paying IT Jobs

A man whom I always meet and chat with in the gym was once in the IT field. He has now retired. And he stays in a huge bungalow. I thought he is a businessman but I found out recently that he was once an IT manager in a huge international organization. I wonder how an IT manager could afford to buy a huge bungalow. He must have been paid really well. I have several friends who are in the IT line and they are all doing very well too – driving luxury cars and can even afford to send their kids to study in a private school. Perhaps I should also try my luck and look around for some technology jobs! But I’ll first need to get myself a degree in IT.


Overdose of Apple Cider Vinegar

Yesterday I felt really bloated. I actually have a mild case of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Sometimes, I can’t fully empty my bowels and as a result, I would have discomfort and flatulence the whole day. Boy, I hate that feeling of having a hard tummy and letting out gas when I am in a public place. I did not have much appetite for food yesterday so I only ate a small plate of stir fried cauliflower with fresh mushrooms, prawns and celery for dinner. After dinner, I felt even more bloated. So after resting for a while, I decided to drink some apple cider vinegar to help with easing the bowel movement.  ACV can also help to neutralize some of the acids in my body from the meat that I had eaten. I poured out about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and mixed it with Ribena and water. It was still very sour and as usual, it had a slight sting and choking effect on my throat right up to my nose. (instruction is to take 1-2 tablespoons only) About half an hour later, I squeezed some lime juice and drank it with some water.  I drink a glass of lime juice after my dinner everyday. About 2 hours later, I had this pain from my chest right up to my abdomen in the middle. It felt like severe gastric pain. The pain lasted for a few hours. I felt cold, felt like emptying my bowels and felt like puking. I tried hard to control the vomiting and quickly went to my bed and lay down in a fetal position.  My girls wanted me to read to them and pray but I had to turn them down as I felt horrible.  Lying down in a fetal position can help prevent vomiting and I was in that position most of the time for the first 14 weeks of my first pregnancy.

Finally at about 11ish pm, the stubborn poop descended down after causing big havoc and a tornedo inside my guts and tummy. I was sitting on the throne in pain and felt really cold. After I was done with my business, I felt a big relief!! But the nagging pain was still in my abdomen, as if I had heart burn. I had heart burn too when I was preggers with Alycia.

I had loads of work to complete on the computer but I could not sit upright without feeling nauseous. I quickly went back to bed, had a good night’s sleep and the pain was almost gone this morning. I went for a jog and then to the gym as usual this morning.  Now the pain is totally gone. Lesson learnt for me. Never ever have an overdose of apple cider vinegar again!  And oh yes, I bought 2 more bottles of apple cider vinegar from the organic shop today as it was on offer – only RM38.90 for 2 big bottles.  Normal price is over RM22 a bottle.   But I ain’t going to overdo it this time!!


First Meal Of The Day

Baby’s first meal of the day is fruits. I have been having fruits for my breakfast, on an empty stomach (or half an hour after food) for over 10 years after being influenced by my erstwhile boss who is a cancer survivor and another health freak colleague who is a staunch follower of eating fruits on an empty stomach to reap the full health benefits of the fruits. My erstwhile boss ate nothing but fruits for breakfast and lunch.

Baby’s favorite fruits are oranges, red dragon fruits, strawberries, grapes, jackfruit (I don’t allow her to eat jackfruit first thing in the morning as the Chinese believe that jackfruits cause wind in the tummy) and durian.

Baby’s bowl of fruits for breakfast.


Running Boots For The Raining Season

I love the current wet and cold weather. It has been raining almost everyday and the temperature is pretty low at 23-24 degrees Celsius at night and in the morning. We hardly get this kind of cool weather in our hot and humid country and I am enjoying every bit of it. I don’t even need to turn on the fan or air conditioner in our rooms at night. This month’s electricity bill will be cut by half, I am so sure 😀 One thing that I dislike about the wet weather is that the roads will be wet almost every morning. Just this morning after a jog round the neighborhood, I came back with mud splattered on my calf and my running shoes are now muddy. I should get ready some women’s rain boots if I ever come across some so that I don’t have to get my legs dirty during the rainy season haha!


My Lil’ Missy’s Ambition

My helper and I had a hearty laugh several days ago when we saw Sherilyn’s vanity which turned awry. Sherilyn was preparing to go for ballet in the evening. After dinner, she took a shower and then spent some time in front of the mirror at the bathroom sink area. I was too busy to check what she was doing but I knew it’s her usual dilly dallying again. When she was about to leave the house, we noticed that Sherilyn’s face had uneven patches of pink powder all over and her hands were pink too. She looked like a clown LOL! It was obvious that she had stolen my pink face powder to apply on her face. Gosh, this lil’ Missy is SO vain. She told me that she aspires to be a hairdresser or a make up artist in future. She said she wants to attend a well known beauty institute like the Regency Beauty Institute to hone her skills. Regency graduates are reputed to be sought after throughout the United States. Well, all I can say is that I should never under estimate a young child’s dreams and fantasies. Who knows my little vain pot will make it big in the vanity industry one day!

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051


Breastfeeding Indeed Helps To Burn Off Calories

Ever since I stopped nursing Baby about a month ago, my weight has increased by 1kg. I find that my appetite has decreased and I don’t feel hungry as often as I used to for the past 2yrs 8 months when I was breastfeeding Baby. I used to munch a lot on snacks but my weight would not shoot up. Now, though I exercise and reduce my calorie intake, my weight just won’t budge. It’s stagnant at 45kg. I was 44kg before Baby was conceived. It was down to 43.5kg at one point of time recently but it shot up again after my holiday in Penang and Ipoh. No matter how hard I try now, the 1kg just won’t budge. I have even increased the duration of my workout every morning but darn it, the red needle on my scale just won’t move to the left, why I wonder? I guess age is catching up with me. As we age, our body’s metabolic rate slows down too. I guess I’ll just have to accept my pre-40 year- old body as it is. After all 45kg for a 158cm height frame ain’t too bad eh?


Stiff Shoulder and Neck

Today I woke up with a stiff shoulder and neck. In fact, my whole body feels achy. This must have been caused by my long hours on the computer. The next job that I undertake, I want a job that does not require me to sit in front of the computer for so many hours in a day. Perhaps customer service representative work will suit me. Orders for my online store have doubled as Chinese New Year is drawing near. I can’t wait for the Chinese New Year holiday to arrive so that I can have a good break.


Mushroom Soup Pasta With Thickened Cream

Another quick and easy to prepare meal that my girls love is mushroom soup pasta. The ingredients that I normally use are 1 -2 sachets of mushroom soup (Campbell’s powdered mushroom soup with no added MSG), fresh mushrooms, celery, carrot, tomato, onions – all chopped and 1 packet of thickened cream to make the pasta more creamy.  The thickened cream also makes the pasta taste and look more like the ones served in restaurants.  But that’s optional.    Thickened cream can be very costly. A small packet of thickened cream costs over RM10 and must be used immediately.

I always cook extra so that they can be frozen for Baby’s lunch in future (normally consumed within a month).


What’s Your Best Anti Acne Formula?

Do you have the best method on how to get rid of acne fast the safe way? Besides pimple cream, I have tried toothpaste when I was pregnant with my first child. My face was covered with zits during my first pregnancy. I was desperate to get rid of those zits as I had to look good. My job required me to look presentable all the time but I was worried of the side effects pimple creams would cause to the unborn child. I must say that toothpaste was quite effective, albeit the results were not quickly seen. Some swear by tea tree oil. What’s your best anti-acne formula?