• 05Mar

    Two days ago, I saw a boil on Cass’ inner thigh.  It was quite ‘ripe’ with yellow pus inside!   She wouldn’t let me touch it as it hurt her a lot.

    When I was a kid, I was very prone to getting boils on my butt, nose and forehead.  My mum would ask me to put some hot water on a cup and use some cotton wool to ‘ripen’ the boil, with the intention of oozing out the pus.  It was freaking painful!

    For me, I treat all my pimples and boils with Melaleuca oil (pure tea tree oil) and Melagel (contains tea tree oil) from Melaleuca.   These two ointments work like a charm, always!

    After applying Melagel on the boil on Cass’ thigh three to four times daily for two days, the boil shrunk today!  Cass was so happy that she need not have to see the doctor to have the boil cut.

    I am so glad I was introduced to Melaleuca products.  Melagel and Melaleuca oil are my miracle ointments.  They are excellent for mozzie bites, wounds, problematic scalp (Melaleuca oil has successfully stopped the itching on my ultra sensitive scalp), open wounds, ear infection, chapped lips, cracked heel and much more.








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