• 31Mar

    After getting a total of 5 jabs on her upper buttocks yesterday and today, both of Baby C’s buttocks are swollen. The injection sites feel hard and swollen and I tell you, my heart is crushed. During her bath just now, I used ice wrapped in a hanky to apply on the injection sites in the hope of reducing the swell. My poor sweetiepie is indeed a trooper and really a tough nut. She’s going to grow up to be one very strong and tough lady! She’s got 1 more Gentamicin jab to go tonight and 3 more Rocephin jabs for the next 3 days. All the doctors who administered the jabs on her could only shake their heads seeing the pain and torture my sweetiepie has to endure. The doctor this morning said that even we adults would yelp out in pain when given the Gentamicin jab. Gentamicin is known to cause burning sensation when it touches the muscles. Sigh…..


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  • Oh…poor girl….I felt so heartache too seeing her cry in the picture. And 5 jabs…oh…that’s really too many….Hope all these will over soon and she doesn’t need to suffer anymore..

    Hugs to both of you!!!

  • Poor Baby C, i wanted to give her a big hug for being such a brave baby she is not even 1 yet.
    You are so brave to stand next to her when she had the jab. Until now I never have the guts to stand next to my gal when she need big jabs on her.

    My heart really pour out for both of you.

  • oh..pooooor bubby…. i really think you’re right. she will be super tough when she grows up. Getting scrapes will be like a walk in a park for this young tough lady!

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