• 04Sep

    Homecooked dinner tonight,  4 Sept 2014.

    1) Stir-fried cabbage and bok choy (both organic) with garlic (I used an entire head of garlic and pan fried the cloves of garlic uncut. I love munching on fried garlic cloves!)

    2) Blanched ladies fingers, drizzled with Japanese sesame dressing.

    3) Beef bone soup with carrot, sweet corn, tomato and big onion.

    4) Braised chicken with soy sauce, star anise, pepper and blackstrap molasses



    I am glad that I found another way to use the blackstrap molasses that I bought.  I added 2 tablespoons of blackstrap into the braised chicken  dish to give it a nice dark color.  This is to replace the use of thick dark sauce, which is not the healthiest of choice. In fact, I have always shunned the thick dark sauce (though I love having it in my dishes) as I have read before that it contains chemicals that are carcinogenic.   None of the girls could tell the new alien ingredient added into their food and they polished off the entire plate of chicken dish, ha!  Boy am I glad that I have found a healthy substitute for ‘hark yau’ aka thick dark sauce! 🙂



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