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    If you’re suffering from eczema and using a steroid cream of some sort, you need to know this.

    It is a known fact that topical hydrocortisone cream for conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis can cause a number of side effects. Most over-the-counter topical steroids contain 1% of hydrocortisone while prescription hydrocortisone creams contain much more hydrocortisone.

    What is hydrocortisone?
    It is a steroid used to reduce inflammation. It can be bought over the counter or Doctors can prescribe larger doses of it. Before you spring into action and grab the first hydrocortisone cream you can get your hands on, please take the time to understand your skin structure first.

    Our skin is designed to protect us from countless external toxins – air pollution to murky lake water, from dirty gasoline pump handles to staph (skin infection).

    Skin cells provide a physical barrier, sort of like bricks and mortar, to keep the bad things out – most of the time. The cells aren’t as tightly packed as real bricks though, which means things can still squeeze by and penetrate.

    The bad news is that strong chemicals can penetrate sensitive or thin skin, cause an allergic reaction, and dangerously flood your bloodstream. Hydrocortisone significantly increased the chances of a number of viruses to infect human blood cells and has even been known to cause blood poisoning.

    When you apply hydrocortisone cream to sensitive spots such as the eyelids, armpits, and groin (all places where eczema, rashes, and allergic reactions are particularly common), skin is thinner and more folds exist, so skin hits skin often, which can cause medications to penetrate more deeply.

    These areas are also prone to stretch marks, irritation, hypo-pigmentation (lightening), and “a crinkly, cigarette-paper” appearance.

    Continued use of topical steroid creams containing hydrocortisone can cause the skin to develop a resistance (called tachyplaxis) to the medication. As a result, in order to have the desired medical effect, a stronger and more potent steroid may be needed, which may cause even more potential side effects.

    These side effects may include: thinning of the skin, easy bruising, permanent dilation of certain blood vessels, burn marks on skin, liver and kidney damage and a weakened immune system.

    So before you go out and get your hands on a hydrocortisone cream to heal that skin condition of yours or your child’s externally, think about it – why not heal from within and never have to deal with hydrocortisone creams or eczema or psoriasis ever again?

    IZUMIO Hydrogenated water helps to reduce the toxins in our bodies and neutralize cytotoxic free radicals in our bodies which leads to diseases. It also helps to hydrate the body from within. Super Lutein helps to build the body’s immunity and helps make the body more resistant to allergens.

    I know of  many happy customers with eczema who are in the process of healing and have been been healed with IZUMIO and Super Lutein. There is a hope! There is an alternative way to heal from within.

    If you want to know more on Izumio and Super Lutein, please email me at shireenyong@gmail.com

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  • Both my son and I have dermatitis and it has been something we have to deal with and will never be cured. We do have the prescription creams but I find switching creams around really help manage the itchiness and rash. We use Medihoney (amazing stuff, should be available in KL), Aveeno eczema care cream and also Spectro Ecare cream. We just sort of rotate them around. Of course we use everything unscented, absolutely no perfumes, caution with makeup(only me!), and also jewelry including watches.

  • Hi Chris, yes eczema is hard to be cured 100%. But you can control it with a proper diet, usage of creams, supplements and care, like what you’ve mentioned. Take care!

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