• 15Jun

    Baby C has been poo pooing 3-5 times a day ever since she was discharged from the hospital more than 2 weeks ago. Several days ago, her down under turned sore and her pee also smelled a tad funny in the wee hours of the morning. These are normally the classic symptoms that would present themselves whenever baby has bacteria in her pee. I applied some Egozite and Pureen cream (both contain zinc oxide, which prevents soreness and nappy rash) on her down under and after a few days, the soreness went away.

    Today, I took samples of her pee to the hospital for a urine culture. It was really difficult and stressful for me and baby. My maid and I had to break our backs waiting for her to pee for over an hour, yet she didn’t pee.  She was struggling and crying. I even had to offer her my boop to calm her down, while my maid sat on the floor waiting to catch her pee with the specimen bottle. After more than an hour and a specimen bottle with only about 1/2 a teaspoon of pee, I told my maid to stop waiting as baby wasn’t cooperating.  I also told my maid to throw the very little pee collected as it may be contaminated (in room temperature for over an hour and I think I spilled a little drinking water into the bottle).   I then cleaned baby’s down under with some cotton and saline and stuck a urine specimen bag onto it. Within 5 minutes, she peed in the bag.  I quickly asked my maid to hold baby in an upright standing position (so that the pee would not leak out from the specimen bag) and I hurriedly and carefully removed the specimen bag (which made baby yell out in pain when the bag was zapped off)…. and poured the precious pee into a fresh sterile specimen bottle. Next, I placed the bottle of pee in 2 layers of plastic bag and placed it in the fridge. Then, called the hubs to hurry home to send the pee to the hospital. Haih… my baby is always playing tricks on me. When I don’t need her to pee, she would always pee on me and on my bed…. and when I desperately want her to pee, she just won’t cooperate.

    The urine FEME results showed that the WBC in her pee is 5-10 (which is insignificant) and there’s 1+ bacteria. I sent a text message to my surgeon to inform him. He replied and said that WBC of 5-10 is not a UTI…. he said that having a few bacteria in the pee after a bladder surgery is not uncommon and he will not treat baby as she’s well. I am praying hard that the few bacteria that’s lingering in the urinaray tract can be flushed out completely in a day or two, just like what had happened in the past…. without any treatment needed. Anyway, baby’s purging is slightly better today. As of now today, she has only poo pooed once and I hope the purging will stop coz in my baby’s case, no purging = no bacteria.


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