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    Parents, if you are concerned about the chemicals in your baby or toddler’s diaper rash cream, why not create your very own concoction at home? Not only are they cheaper but contain no harmful chemicals.

    I used to make my own concoction of extra virgin coconut oil and tea tree oil to apply on Cass’ bottom.

    Coconut oil is extracted from the mature meat of the coconut. It is a natural, pleasantly smelling moisturizer that soothes and nourishes, with no irritation.

    Diaper rash is an uncomfortable rash that can be cause by yeast infection, acid in the stool, ammonia from urine or diaper material. It is important to keep the area dry and clean, and coconut oil acts as a barrier and prevents the diaper rash.

    Why is coconut oil good for diaper rash?

    Coconut oil has many amazing properties that makes it an excellent treatment for various conditions, including diaper rash.

    Coconut oil contains antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that help to promote healing.
    It has lauric acid (also found in breast milk) that treats bacterial and fungal problems very effectively.
    Lauric and Caprylic acids in this oil are natural yeast fighting substances.

    Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash:

    Method  1 – Pure Coconut Oil
    Wash your baby’s bottom properly with water and let dry.
    Apply coconut oil on the affected area using your fingertips.
    Allow it to dry before putting on a new diaper.
    This coconut oil acts as barrier between the skin and waste in the diaper.

    Method 2 – Coconut Oil with Grape Seed Extract and Water Spray

    Take 2 – 3 drops of grape seed extract and 2 oz of coconut oil.
    Dilute in an oz of distilled water and mix it well.
    Pour this solution in an clean spray bottle and then use it to spray on the rash area at every diaper change.
    Leave to dry before applying a new diaper.

    Method 3 – Coconut Oil with Tea Tree Oil
    Add a few drops of tea tree oil to melted coconut oil and mix well.
    Apply this to your baby’s bottom after cleaning and drying the area.
    Leave to dry before applying a new diaper.

    Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash


    Coconut Oil And Tea Tree Oil For Body Massage

    Besides using coconut oil and tea tree oil as diaper cream for Cass, I also used the same concoction to give her tummy massages for the prevention of constipation.  I still give Cass massages every night. I use the same concoction to moisturize my entire body, including my hair.


    Precautions and Tips to be Followed:

    • Always use extra virgin organic coconut oil.
    • If you’re breast feeding, include coconut oil in your diet to reap the health benefits for yourself and your baby.
    • Let your baby go diaper free for a few hours each day to get better air flow and to prevent diaper rash.



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