• 27Jul

    After 3 days of torture, the Mastitis on my left boop cleared up completely yesterday, yipee!!  Here’s what I did :

    1)  Let Baby suckle on the left boop longer and also the whole night *looooooong sigh*.
    2)  Massaged my left boop with ice-cubes 3 times a day.
    3)  Popped Garlic pills with added Lecithin. I read from the kellymom.com breastfeeding site that Lecithin will help unblock the plugged duct.
    4)  Popped Vitamin C.
    5)  Popped Echinacea tab.
    6)  Don’t wear bra, especially tight ones. I find that wearing bra induces the Mastitis in my case. But don’t get me wrong… I still wear bra whenever I jog hehe.  For outings, I have special outfits with built-in bra pads, so I don’t have to wear bra 😀

    I also discovered that my recent frequent Mastitis attack was caused by delayed emptying of my boops. This is because I’ve been feeding Baby formula milk, so she no longer suckles so frequently.  I just have a hunch that I will get another attack of Mastitis but I think I am more prepared to handle it the next time.  At the onset of a slight pain in my boop, I will practise the above measures, especially no. #1 above.   I wonder how I am  ever going to wean Baby off my boops, how you tell me?    


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