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    Winged beans or most commonly called four-angled beans in Malaysia are one of the favorite beans in our household. We like sauteing the beans with sambal or with garlic and minced meat.  Four-angled beans grow well in hot conditions.  We used to have these tubers growing  in our garden when I was little, planted by my late maternal grandmother.

    The unusual name of this plant is endowed due to the physical appearance of the beans which seem to have wing like features. The plant has several common names like Asparagus Pea / Beans, Goa bean and Four-angled bean.

    It is primarily grown in countries such as Malaysia, India, Thailand, New Guinea, Burma etc.


    Health benefits of winged / four-angled beans

    Niacin content

    The great content of niacin present in the constitution of Winged beans helps in reducing the formation of blood clots by reducing platelet aggregation. This means it will reduce the risks of cardiovascular disorders arising out of the condition by keeping the levels of lipoprotein, apolipoprotein under control.

    Great content of Riboflavin

    This special vitamin is rather well known as the energy vitamin. It helps in increasing the metabolism rate and helps in the free flowing movement of blood across the system.

    Defeating Diabetes

    The fiber content in Winged beans helps tackle type 2 diabetes to a large extent on account of the capability to generate and maintain levels of insulin and glucose. This in turn means that the rise of insulin stabilizes and reduces the risks of diabetes. It even improves the metabolism rate, thereby reducing the levels of glucose in the body. This is a great contributing factor towards reducing the risks of ever lurking diabetes.

    Bone development and growth

    The great content of lysine most required for bone development and growth mostly for children is available in abundance in winged beans. Furthermore, it aids in the production of enzymes, which is of great help to recovery from surgeries and sport related injuries.


    This antioxidant helps the digestion process, build the strength in the muscles and aids against the fat deposition and building up of fat in the liver and arteries.

    Elevate mood and reduce pain

    Phenylalanine content helps us to stay vigilant and alert. It helps to elevate mood and reduce pain.

    Generate Blood

    The abundance of iron content in winged beans is a leading factor to generate blood in the body. Since iron forms the most important part in building up the levels of hemoglobin in the body, a regular intake of winged beans would mean you never have a reduced supply of fresh red blood cells to keep you fit and healthy. Furthermore, a good intake of iron also means, your hair stays shiny and your nails look healthy.

    Winged beans can be eaten raw too.  I like to drizzle a little roast sesame seed dressing on my raw winged beans.

    The best feature of winged beans is that all parts of the plant can be consumed.  The leaves can be consumed as spinach, the flowers can be used in salads, and the seeds can be consumed like beans or peanuts and the tubers can be consumed either raw or even cooked.    The high nutrient content that this plant provides along with the benefit that all parts of this plant can be consumed makes it very consumption-friendly. There are loads of health benefits of winged beans.


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