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    These have been Baby’s supplements lately:

    Nutrifresh from E.Excel (freeze dried blended combo of fruits and vegetables, soy protein and rice powder which supports the immune system), Refresh from E.Excel (enhances and cleanses the kidneys and urinary tract system), Manuka honey, barley water and Waterfall D-Mannose (prevents UTI).  I used to feed her with Millenium from E.Excel (cactus juice) but have stopped buying it as it’s freaking expensive, costing over RM500 for a box of 2 packs) which can only last Baby for about 5 weeks.

    The flower mug contains about 7-8 ounces of barley water, a sachet of Nutrifresh, a sachet of Refresh, 1 teaspoon of Manuka honey and Waterfall D-Mannose.   This mug of expensive ‘urinary tract system cleanser’ will be fed to Baby in 3 feedings (about 2-3 ounces in each sitting). I thank God that Baby has not gotten anymore UTI attacks ever since her surgeries in May this year and I pray that she will never ever have another UTI attack.


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  • Check with your doc/pediatric urologist if C needs all these health supplements(unless he is the one selling the products!). The reflux was fixed successfully and she should not have any more UTIs. I never bothered with any special food or supplements, not even vitamins, for my daughter.

  • Is all this supplement prescribed by doc? Does it shows any improvement. Just got introduced by a frend about E-excel products, wonder does it really do magic? And its very pricy too.

  • Chris… Yes, our surgeon is aware that BBC is taking these supplements, including the Waterfall D-Mannose. He has no objection to it.

  • Hey Shireen, am thinking of stopping Millenium juice too. Getting way too expensive 🙁 Perhaps I’ll let Ashley try Nutrifresh 🙂 It’s also good for boosting immune system. What is Refresh for eh?

  • Barb… Refresh is good for the kidneys and urinary tract system, eyes, digestive system, liver and much more. You can do a google search on Refresh for more info.

  • Am glad to hear the doc is aware of the supplements, but is he/she advocating or advising it? Regardless, you are the one responsible for your kids’ health and am sure you will do your level best. Your 3 kids are very lucky indeed!

  • Hi, Im glad that u r giving Baby C taking E-Excel products. Tell you, its help in boosting our immune system. My daughter (19months) start consuming Millennium since she is 8 days old. Price is not an issue, as long as our kids and family are healthy!

    And don’t worried, the founder of E-Excel is a scientist who “designed” all kind of products special for our organ and/or system.

    Do log on to their website: http://www.eexcel.com.my for further info.

    Take k.

  • Chris…. having brought BBC to see so many specialists, I have to say that different doctors have different opinions. One doctor doesn’t believe in probiotics, not at all. But other doctors are so pro-probiotics. Another specialist kept advising me to surf the internet to find out about supplements for BBC to boost her immune system. Our surgeon has read the nutritional info of one of the supplements that I feed BBC with and he approves the ingredients.

    • Hi Amabelle

      You can check out the E.Excel website.
      Hope you can get it in the Phillipines or have them shipped to you.
      All the best!

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