• 06Nov

    My mil brought back a tin of blueberry tea during her recent trip back from Hong Kong. The tea consists of blueberries, elderberries, strawberries, raspberries, passion fruit, kiwi, hibiscus, apple pieces, sunflower blossom, rose petals and cornflower blossoms.

    It’s one of the best fruit and flower teas I have ever tasted.  This infusion is so aromatic and flavorful, perfect for berries and flowers lovers. iLike it and am enthralled with this tea!

    Now, I am hooked on this tea and gotta have a cuppa everyday, along with my daily cuppa green tea and occasional cup of Milkmaid (fenugreek) tea (to boost my milk supply. Yes, I am still Baby’s moo moo up until now and she’s 19 months in a few days).

    Food For Thought:

    Blueberries are not only a low calorie snack; they are also a great source of nutrients. New research suggests blueberries are a great way to naturally lower risk factors for cancers, enhance your memory, and achieve the optimal health we should all be striving for.

    Antioxidant rich
    A low calorie fruit which does wonders for you health is just what your body needs. With their high antioxidant capability, blueberries rank at the top beca with their ability to destroy free radicals. Red wine gets much recognition for being high in anthocyanins, but researches have found blueberries to be 38% more affective at fighting free radicals.

    Helps fight cancer
    Blueberries contain pterostilbene, an antioxidant that cuts precancerous colon lesions by 57% a recent study shows and kaempferol, a flavonoid which may decrease the risk of ovarian cancer by up to 40%.

    Boosts brain cells
    Eating blueberries can also be food for the mind. Blueberries boost enzymes that grow new nerve cells in the brain so you don’t lose your marbles as you age. Diets rich in blueberries protect the brain from oxidative stress and Alzheimer’s or dementia. Blueberries have been proven to reverse memory loss.

    Strong bones
    Blueberries can also fight against osteoporosis in women by slowing the breakdown of the bone which occurs after menopause in much the same way estrogen does in building bone.

    Aids in elimination
    A great aid for diarrhea and constipation, blueberries contain tannins which are astringents to the digestive system and reduce inflammation. Blueberries also promote urinary tract support and contain the same compound found in cranberries which aids in urinary infections.

    Blueberries can help:
    * Reduce risk of cancers
    * Promote urinary tract health
    * Boost memory function
    * Improved vision
    * Reverse age-related illnesses
    * Help weight management
    * Protect against disease
    * strengthen blood vessels


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