Drinking Yomeishu To Recharge My Batteries!

After feeling sluggish, lethargic and listless for the past few days, I started drinking Yomeishu again.  During my 3rd confinement, I had received 2 bottles of Yomeishu from friends.  I only drank half a bottle and have 1.5 bottles left.  I am one who hates drinking alcohol and would get nauseous, turn red like a lobster all over and have a heavy head if I imbibe too much.

I must say that the Yomeishu has indeed helped me overcome the fatigue and I feel more energetic today. Today, I ran for almost 40 minutes and didn’t feel tired at all. I even skipped my 15-minute cat nap today and still feel on top! So to those of you who feel sluggish and tired, try drinking Yomeishu. I wish the Yomeishu managements reads this and rewards me with a few bottles of Yomeishu 😀

Yomeishu improves the following symptoms:

1) Physical fatigue
For people with the trouble of physical fatigue such as feeling tiredness, continuation of fatigue, etc. Yomeishu, as a health tonic, relieves fatigue while strengthening physical power.

2) Chilliness of tip of fingers, hands, hips and legs
For people with severe chilliness of hands, feet and hips caused by air conditioners. Active medicinal ingredients contained in Yomeishu widely circulate throughout the body with blood circulation to regulate the functions of metabolism, and as a result, chilliness is improved.

3) Continuation of gastrointestinal trouble after meal
For people with weak digestive organs, gastrointestinal disorders or susceptible to weakened stomach and intestines. Drinking Yomeishu before meals will regulate gastrointestinal activities and strengthen them.

4) Recovery of physical strength during and after illness
For people requiring physical strength during and after illness, and people with delayed recovery of physical conditions after illness. Active ingredients of Yomeishu will regulate principal activities of the body and lead to an original healthy condition.

5) Poor appetite
For people with poor appetite, or incapable of eating despite of appetite. Drinking Yomeishu before meals activates gastrointestinal workings due to the active ingredients and one is capable of recovering to normal appetite.

6) Susceptible to be tired or a weak body constitution
For people with a weak body or feeling a lack of strength. Yomeishu, as a health tonic with a moderate action, strengthens the body and steadily enhances physical power while alleviating physical fatigue.

7) Always look sick
For people with who are of little color due to the chilliness of the tips of the fingers caused by the accumulation of fatigue. The active ingredients of Yomeishu circulate throughout the body with the blood circulation, activate the whole body metabolism and improve the trouble of little color.


3 Responses

  1. yes, Yomeishu improves blood circulation and is good for health, just as DOM is.

  2. Chris says:

    What is in Yomeishu that makes it work so well? Hope it’s not like Red Bull that a lot of kids take so they can stay up to study (or party…). Am just a little skeptical here…sorry!

  3. shireen says:

    Chris… Yomeishu is made from 10 types of herbs. You can read more about it at :

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