• 26Oct

    Hubby was informed by his pharmacist friend that one of the best brands of probiotics in the market is Prolactor.  Prolactor has 10 billion CFU (colony forming units) of good bacteria.  Most other brands of probiotics only have 5 billion CFU of good bacteria.  The packaging for Prolactor is pretty impressive.  It is packed in an aluminium resealable bag and comes with a Thermafreeze (something like dried ice). I had read from a health magazine that probiotics that requires refrigeration works better than those that can be kept at room temperature. Hubby bought it from a hospital and the price?  Darn expensive at over RM90 for a bottle of 30 capsules or over RM3 each capsule.  Hubby doesn’t mind as long as his precious baby gets the best treatment.  Hopefully the probiotics will be able to help Baby C’s body fight off the bad bacteria and win the battle, thus prevent another UTI.  

    Hubby has to spend close to RM500 per month just on Baby C’s health supplements, exluding Baby C’s consultation with our doctors and urine tests which cost another RM300-RM500  per month.  That makes it almost RM1,000 a month just on Baby C’s health supplements and medical consultation fees and medication.  What about diapers?  I dare not even calculate how much she spents on diapers per month as our doctor has advised us to change her diaper after just one pee.  I think she uses more than 10 diapers a day.   Sigh… that’s the reason why hubby and I have to slog like a dog to earn more moolah 🙁


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  • Wow..that’s alot, financially.

    But..for Baby C..I hope her body will build up a resistance to the bacteria! I don’t think you’re OCD..when it comes to cleaning. I’d do the same too…for my kids.

  • Chin Nee… yes, can be taken as a supplement. I prefer feeding my gals with probiotics than yoghurt. But Prolactor is very expensive. You can buy cheaper ones like Bio Life. I have since switched to Bio Life (also needs refrigeration). Baby still takes a capsule everyday.

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