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    Ever since Baby was an infant, she never once took any oral meds to treat her cough or runny nose. That’s because since she was 7 weeks old, she had to take oral antibiotics everyday until she was 14 months old (that’s after the Ureteral Reimplantation surgery in May last year). Our paed has all the while been not in favor of her eating too much meds as she already had enough of meds in her body. So each time Baby is down with a flu, stuffy nose and phlegm, I will let her inhale the Ventolin, given through the Aero Chamber.  Though very costly, the Aero Chamber is a good investment.

    About 2 weeks ago, Baby had runny nose and phlegm.  Again, I self treated her with Esberitox and the Ventolin.  After 3 days of Ventolin inhalation (2 puffs, 3x a day), she was well again.  I never like my kids to take oral meds for runny nose, phlegm and cough. I also kept her free from cow’s milk throughout the period she was unwell.  Cow’s milk is known to induce phlegm.  Until today, Baby is still drinking organic soy bean milk and organic oatmeal milk.  I shall blog about these 2  in my next post.


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  • Please check with your family doc abt the ventolin, unless of course if he/she presribed it. Tendency is not to treat childhood coughs and colds(all such meds are no longer available here) as the side-effects are not worth it. Also, just in case there are folks out there who can’t access an aerochamber, a toilet paper roll does the job nicely…no kidding! Important thing is that one puff of ventolin is inhaled in several breaths, and not squirt into the back of your throat. You end up swallowing the med. and it is useless as a bronchodilator. Also recommended is to gargle with salt water after(though kids can’t actually do that) a few mins after the puffs.

  • The ventolin has to “hit” the smooth muscles of the bronchial tubes, to relax them and decrease bronchospasm. In chronic asthmatics, sometimes liquid ventolin is used. Was the ventolin given by your doc? You should try and ask your doc what side-effects are for any drugs given, esp. since you pay so much for your visits. Side-effects: increased heart rate, tremors, headache, nausea, dizziness, insomnia. Ventolin usually starts working in abt 30mins, and max. effect is 2-3 hours after. If the ventolin doesn’t work, and the child remains wheezy, contact the doc. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the info Chris. Yup, our paed gave us the Ventolin. So far, it has always worked in reducing the phlegm for my 2 younger girls 🙂

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