• 19Dec

    Achy eyeballs, headache, feeling cold, lacking in stamina when I work out, itchy nose and feverish feeling. Whenever these symptoms are displayed, I know that fever and a bad cold or throat infections are looming over me. I had these symptoms yesterday and I tried to nip the bud before a full blown flu attacks me. I quickly popped my trusted Esberitox, sipped on lemon juice with Manuka honey a few times a day and popped 2 Panadol Actifast. I am feeling better today, albeit the headache and achy eyeballs are still there. I must have caught the flu bug from my mil. And oh yes, another obvious symptom is that lymph nodes have appeared behind my ears. Each time I have a cold or URTI (upper respiratory throat infection), these tiny lymph nodes which are painful at times would appear and remain there for a couple of weeks until I have completely recovered from my illness.


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