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    Today is the 3rd or 4th day the boil appeared on my left forefinger. The ‘head’ looks more pronounced now as it is now yellowish and looked almost ‘ripe’. I tried to prick it open to squeeze the pus out but GAWD, it’s frigging painful! My hubs has been nagging me to go to the doctor to have the pus squeezed out. But but, I am  chickening out. I am waiting for the boil to shrivel and the pus to slowly ooze out or gets absorbed by the body (is there such a thing ah??). Anyway, the pain today is lesser than yesterday. I am quite confident that the boil will shrink and that the pus will ooze out by itself, otherwise tomorrow I will try to be more daring and try to poke poke it again until it breaks *OUCCCCHHHHH!!!!*

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  • Try using a warm compress and see if the “head” will emerge and exit. If u really want to lance it, get a needle/pin, wash it with soap and water, then heat it up over a flame for 2-3 mins (to sterilize), then pierce the boil. Make sure u have a clean tissue or cotton gauze to soak it up. Then put a clean dressing on it. It should clear up.
    I had a HUGE blister on the sole of my foot years ago, developed overnite, I couldn’t even walk, let alone put on shoes. Had to call a friend and that’s what he did.

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