• 28Jan

    About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that Baby’s cheeks were very rosy all of a sudden. I thought they were some kind of allergy or rash. When I touched the red patch, it was smooth and there was no rash at all.  The rosy cheeks looked very natural. She looked really pretty with rosy cheeks and strangers who saw her asked me what I fed her with to get such beautiful glow on the cheeks!  And they asked if she had come from overseas!  But I was a tad worried.  Why would she have such rosy cheeks all of a sudden? She wasn’t hot and she wasn’t sweating.  I could not recall feeding her with anything new or unusual.  About a week later, the blush on her cheeks subsided.  Now she’s back to normal but still has pinkish complexion 🙂


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