• 16Oct

    There is this lady which sells organic veggie and fruits at the park near where I stay. She only goes there twice a week. Each time she comes, housewives and grandmas will flock her small stall at the pavement. Sometimes she will sell packets of mulberries. Sometimes she will blend the organic mulberries with sugar cane that she plants in her farm and sell the bottled juice, which will be all snapped up in a jiffy.  Whenever my mil is staying with us, she will buy mulberries from this lady and boil them with rock sugar as the mulberries are very sour. The boiled mulberries taste a tad like Ribena. I am a huge fan of berries of all kinds as I know how powerful they are in antioxidants and vitamins but I didn’t quite like mulberries, which are pretty sour if eaten raw. Since I am really into juice-making recently, I bought a packet of mulberries and blended them together with apples, oranges and carrots – all these of which are naturally very sweet. The juice turned out very refreshing and not sour at all. And my girls and big boss loved it!

    Food For Thought:

    Cancer Prevention
    Mulberries are a good source of resveratrol, a potent phytonutrient also found in grapes that researchers believe can prevent cancer and aid in the fight of existing cancers.

    Life Extension
    Because of their resveratrol content, mulberries may be a tool in one’s life extension arsenal, as resveratrol has shown in several studies to extend the life of mice.

    Blood Tonic
    In Chinese medicine, mulberries are considered a blood tonic, meaning that they cleanse the blood and increase its production, strengthening the entire system.

    Kidney Strengthener
    In Chinese medicine, mulberries are believed to strengthen the kidneys.

    Liver Cleanser
    In Chinese medicine, mulberries are believed to be effective in cleansing the liver.

    Better Hearing and Vision
    In China, tea made with mulberry paste is believed to strengthen one’s hearing and vision.

    Constipation Cure
    In Turkey, a treatment for constipation is to eat white mulberries on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

    Anemia Treatment
    Because they are quite high in iron, mulberries are a great food to use in the treatment of anemia.

    Cold and Flu Treatment
    In Turkey, mulberry molasses is used as a treatment for colds and flu. Their effectiveness in this way may be due to their high vitamin C content.

    Premature Gray Hair Remedy
    In several countries, mulberries are considered an effective remedy for prematurely gray hair.


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