• 19Oct

    Ever since my parents were here since last weekend, we have been having very lavish and delish dishes for dinner every night, all cooked by my dad. I have also been helping myself to durians for breakfast for the past 1 week. In a couple of weeks’ time, my mil will be back from NZ, which means, there will be more delish bakes and makes from her. Gosh, if I don’t watch what I eat and skip exercising, I may have to find some austin quick weight loss products in a few months down the year. What more with Christmas, New Year and CNY coming soon, which means more festive binging, gosh! The year end and New Year often mean overeating for most of us, doesn’t it?


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  • Be very cautious of these weight loss claims. Recent research has shown none of these claims work, at least in the long run. The only sure way is to trim consumption, up protein intake, and exercise!! Look at the slimband ad to the right…invasive, does work if one is disciplined enough. My friend lost 75 pounds with the procedure but gained it all back in a year! PS: I should be one to talk…3 weeks in China and Msia and I gained 4 pounds, but it was worth every calorie!!

  • Lucky you Chris. I wouldn’t mind the weight gain too!! Hey, pls add me on Facebook Chris, if you have a FB a/c. My FB a/c is shireen yong. tks!

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