Fluimucil To Expel Phlegm

On recommendation of a friend who also feeds her son with Fluimucil to expel phlegm, I bought a pack from the pharmacy to try it on Sherilyn. Initially I tried Pei Pa Koa but had to stop that when I realized that it caused her to have loose bowels several times in a day. The same thing happened to Cass who was also fed Pei Pa Koa to expel her phlegm. Alycia was the only one who did not consume Pei Pa Koa and she did not suffer from loose bowel, so I surmised that it must be the Pei Pa Koa that caused loose bowel in Sherilyn and Cass.

Next I tried store bought Ivy leaves cough syrup but that did not seem to reduce the phlegm. So I decided to give Fluimucil a try. Though it did help in reducing the phlegm and cough substantially, Sherilyn had tummy upset and purged 3-4 times in a day. She soiled her pants when she let out gas. Another time was a big scene but thank God it was at home on a Sunday. She dirtied the room floor with her loose faeces, which splattered onto the cupboard and drawers! I spent over an hour cleaning up the mess and disinfecting the room! I suspect that one of the side effects of Fluimucil on Sherilyn is that it had caused her tummy upset and loose bowel but this is not conclusive. I also surmised that cough syrups in general had caused Sherilyn loose bowel movement and tummy upset.

My drama queen took over half an hour to finish half a mug of Fluimucil effervescent with water. Actually the smell / taste ain’t that bad. If I can stomach it down, so can anyone, as I am one who can totally not swallow any syrupy meds.


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  1. Chris says:

    You HAVE to keep that pic and show it when she brings home her first date!!! I tell my kids that all the time when they do something silly, it is the ultimate revenge!!

  2. sheohyan says:

    Fluimucil is good medicine. I fed my girls that too when they have chesty cough previously. Those loose tool was the phlegm which has expelled from their bodies by the medicine. Not too worry.

  3. can’t help laughing at sher’s photo. did she put the clip on her nose? thanks for the info. i’ll keep Fluimucil in mind.

  4. shireen says:

    Chris, my girls always tell me “I wont get married in future. I will stay with you forever!” Well, I’ll see…

    Sheoh Yan, yes my friend also told me that the phlegm will be expelled out thru the stools. Now she has almost no more phlegm and cough. Will use Fluimucil again in future * touch wood *

    Barb, yep the drama queen fished out a clothes peg and clipped it to her nose!

  5. Blinds says:

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