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    I love lemons and oranges! They are bursting with vitamin C and the juice of the lemon neutralizes the acids in our body. And lemon juice is great for those who want to shed some weight too! The juice breaks down the oil that you have eaten.  If you suffer from gout, stock up your fridge with lemons!  Besides, the lemon and orange rinds are fantastic kitchen cleaners too!  My fridge will always have a supply of lemons and limes, apart from oranges and kiwi — all the vitamin C rich citrus fruits.

    Besides being a wonderful ‘sponge’ to wipe away grease, cream and hardened food remnants off the plates, bowls, cutlery and pans, the lemon and orange rinds are  great to wash water tumblers, kettle and water jugs – naturally and safely without having to use dishwashing liquid… and leaves a very fresh and lingering citrus scent after each wash… and you get that squeaky feel on the surface too! Did you know that most dishwashing liquid has citric acid, which is a naturally ingredient in lemons, limes and oranges?

    A lemon a day saves my health, waist line and helps me in the kitchen too!

    The orange and lemon rinds are used to wipe away oily cream/icing, grease and oily food remnants off plates and pots before I use a dried gourd/loofah (as sponge) with a little dishwashing liquid to wash them. I love to see how effectively the lemon and orange rinds wipe off bread dough and cream off the MIL’s hand mixer after she has finished with bread or cake baking. And I do not have to wash the greasy stuff off the sponge. It’s a fantastic way of making full use of my fruits and I get to save $$ on kitchen papers, sponges and dishwashing liquid too!


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  • There is also cheaper and local fruits that work well too eg pineapple skin. When we were young, I remember Mum used the skin to scrub the kitchen floor. As well, now I use pineapple or the juice to tenderize meat.

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