• 08Nov

    These injured palms with red, raw flesh exposed have been the cause of my misery for the past 3 days. The pain and discomfort are making me feel very, very tetchy and moody. Whenever the girls misbehaved, fought, quarelled and disobeyed me, I would holler  at them and then I would feel like sobbing (caused mainly by the throbbing pain on both palms and aches all over my hands and legs) and running away from home to have a long recuperation.

    My wound dressing items. The Betadine would sting the would but not as bad as the sting from the alcohol swab. Alcohol when in contact with an open wound would make you feel as if you were burnt by fire!  Since yesterday, I  have changed to tea tree oil from Melaleuca for my wound. Though the tea tree oil would still sting the wound a little, it is not as bad as Betadine. I am leaving the wounds unbandaged starting today.  It hurts but I am trying to dry up the wound, lest it gets infected when covered in a damp condition all the time.  I cannot afford to have an infection on both my hands.  There’s just too much for me to do with my hands.  Business may still be halted but the household cannot.

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