• 29Aug

    My first menstruation after 27 months has been tremendously heavy, though no pain at all. I have always had heavy periods. But this time, it is exceptionally heavy. It’s so heavy that I have to change my pad every hourly. Last night I stained the bed badly. Fortunately there’s a plastic sheet underneath the bedsheet and the blood was prevented from seeping into the mattress. I had expected this first menses after 27 months of ‘drought’ to be really heavy. It’s like a heavy downpour after going through a period of drought! I weighed myself this morning and was surprised to see that I am now 1.5kg lighter! WOW, I can’t believe the blood that I had lost is 1.5kg heavy!!


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I am a WFHM with 3 beautiful girls - Alycia, Sherilyn and Cassandra. I quit the job that I love to stay home with my 3 angels as that's what I've always wanted to do. I am a health freak, fitness freak and a clean freak too. I love to eat and live healthily and I want my kids and hubby to do the same too. Apart from being obsessed with good health, I am obsessed with fashion! I own an online store that sells ladies and kids clothing. Check out my online store at Old & New Stuff For Sale

I always believe that your health is your wealth and if you have good health, that's the best gift you can ever ask for from God.

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