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    Medical marijuana has been a hot seat issue for years. Doctors claim certain things about it, while politicians claim other things about it, and it can be difficult to understand if it’s actually good for you or not. Because of all the misinformation or misguided information out there, one of the best methods you can take to learn more medical marijuana is to attend a cannabis seminar in Florida that covers the topic in detail. Tetra Health Care is a facility that specializes in medical marijuana and holds events and seminars that go over the health benefits that can be derived from marijuana. Since they work closely with its use, they understand well exactly what cannabis can do for the body.

    Photo of marijuana leaves.

    Health Benefits
    Doctors who include medical marijuana into their practice often use it for patients who suffer from muscle spasms, nausea that is often associated with cancer and chemotherapy, poor appetite as a result of a chronic illness, seizure disorders, Crohn’s disease, and many others. The secret behind how marijuana works to help heal the body is that the body actually already produces many of the effects that marijuana performs on its own. By using marijuana, however, you can help your body to boost these effects and reduce inflammation and instead promote healing and relief.

    medical marijuana plant

    It can be taken in an assortment of ways. It can be smoked, vaporized, eaten, and taken as a liquid extract. If you suffer from one of the diseases or conditions mentioned above, then you may want to consider trying medical marijuana.

    Tetra Health Care can meet with you if you’re interested in trying medical marijuana to reduce your pain. By meeting with a doctor, they can determine if the treatment is right for you, and then help set you up with a provider. As with all things, however, you should perform some simple research to see if it’s something that you think might help you. Attending one of Tetra’s seminars could be the first step you need to take.


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    Organic foods may have higher nutritional value than conventional food, according to some research. The reason: In the absence of pesticides and fertilizers, plants boost their production of the phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) that strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds.

    Organic produce

    Benefits of eating organic food:

    1. Avoid chemicals. Eating organically grown foods is the only way to avoid the cocktail of chemical poisons present in commercially grown food.

    2. Benefit from more nutrients. Organically grown foods have more nutrients—vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients—than commercially grown foods because the soil is managed and nourished with sustainable practices by responsible standards.

    3. Organic farming is better for the environment. Organic farming practices reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy. Farming without pesticides is also better for nearby birds and animals as well as people who live close to farms.

    4.  Organically raised animals are NOT given antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal byproducts. Feeding livestock animal byproducts increases the risk of mad cow disease (BSE) and the use of antibiotics can create antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Organically-raised animals are given more space to move around and access to the outdoors, which help to keep them healthy.

    5. Organic meat and milk are richer in certain nutrients. Results of a 2016 European study show that levels of certain nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, were up to 50 percent higher in organic meat and milk than in conventionally raised versions.

    6. Organic food is GMO-free. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or genetically engineered (GE) foods are plants whose DNA has been altered in ways that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding, most commonly in order to be resistant to pesticides or produce an insecticide.

    Did you know?

    • Eating organic fruits and vegetables could increase your antioxidant intake by 20-40%.
    • Organic strawberries have more nutrients and antioxidants than their conventional counterparts.
    • Organic tomatoes are 50% higher in vitamin C content than conventional tomatoes.

    Antioxidants pack a bigger punch in organic fruit and vegetables.

    So, now you know: make sure you eat all your fruits and veggies and make sure they are organic for the biggest nutritional bang for your buck. If you’re on a budget and can’t stretch to organic, don’t panic. It’s better to eat non- organic fruit and vegetables than no fruit and veg at all. Just remember to wash the produce thoroughly.

    I am a big supporter of organic produce.  A big chunk of our grocery bills are on organic vegetables and meat. And I am only partially organic. If we go fully organic, this would bust our budget for sure.

    One of the activities on my bucket list for the next school holidays is to bring the girls to the Zenxin Organic Park in Kluang, Johor.  I have read positive reviews on Zenxin’s commitment to organic farming and would love  to visit the farm to see how organic farming is carried out. After our nightmarish 12-hour bumper to bumper horrendous jam from Singapore to KL during the December school holidays last year, I vowed never to do a road trip down south again during the school holidays. This time, I will be hopping over to Traveloka to check out the cheapest flights to Johor Bahru!  Air Asia flights listed on Traveloka are something that are really worth checking out.

    Traveloka has loads of deals on promotions on their already low-fare flights.  I especially like Traveloka’s Best Price Guarantee where, if you have booked through Traveloka and found a cheaper price for the same exact booking at another website, you can claim your compensation. Traveloka will reward you with a discount coupon of at least twice the difference up to RM500 for your next transaction. Do check them out and see what deals you can get!


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    People who have decided that they want to experience ongoing vitality throughout the day so they can excel at work and be fully present during social gatherings should know that getting healthy will help them realize the vision. If you’re ready to step into the world of dynamic health right now, know that the following wellness tips can take you there quickly and correctly:

    1. Participate In A Health-Based Community

    One of the best ways to make wellness a real thing in your life is by participating in a health-based community. This strategy will help you attain connection, information, support, advice, and community with individuals who are equally committed to attaining and/or maintaining high levels of vitality. There are many strategies you can deploy to find the right health-based community. One is using a free digital resource such as www.meetup.com to figure out if there are any wellness communities within a 30-mile radius of your home. If not, you may want to consider joining an online wellness community.

    2. Focus On Food Optimization

    Food is the single most important factor to consider when you get serious about making mental and physical well-being a permanent component of your existence. This is the case because the food we eat determines what type of nutrients and minerals are going into our bodies. When the body continually receives an adequate supply of key vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, folate, and more, its ability to complete regulatory functions is enhanced. When this happens, you’ll experience optimized functioning of key bodily systems such as the circulatory and respiratory systems.

    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    3. Allow The Professionals To Assist You

    One final strategy you can deploy to make wellness real for you is attaining professional assistance with the health optimization process. Taking this step is important because it ensures that you’ll be attaining advice and assistance from industry experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field that pertains to you. In the event that you’re struggling with vericose veins, note that you can obtain assistance from a sclerotherapy Mobile AL company such as O’Gorman Vein and Vascular.

    Spider Veins on Leg


    If you’ve decided that you want to become a health freak in order to be happier, more social active, or increasingly productive, know that you can make it happen. Get the health optimization process underway immediately through the implementation of the wellness tips discussed in this article!

  • 08Jan

    People who have decided that they’re no longer willing to deal with substandard health should know that they don’t have to tolerate unwanted outcomes like low energy levels, lethargy, mental fog, and/or mood instability. If you’re trying to overcome these issues and want to step into a world of great health now, consider the value of utilizing some or all of the following strategies:

    1. Examine Your Eating Patterns
    One of the best ways to make extraordinary health happen in your life this year is by examining your eating patterns. This approach can be empowering for multiple reasons, one of which is that doing so will help you determine whether you have a proclivity for consuming fat-laden, salty, processed foods that accelerate weight gain while also inducing lethargy and other unwanted physiological outcomes. Note that when you consistently eat the right foods, you avoid these unwanted outcomes while also optimizing your body’s ability to complete all of the functions that keep you in a state of vitality.

    Top Tips for Healthy Eating Whilst in Orlando, Florida

    If you lack basic knowledge regarding nutrition, don’t worry. The internet is full of tools, resources, and articles that will empower you to make prudent food choices. Utilize a free resource like Cronometer to start tracking and analyzing your eating patterns right now.

    2. Focus On Cultivating A Lifestyle Of Fitness
    In addition to analyzing and optimizing your eating patterns, be sure to start cultivating a lifestyle of fitness. This step will empower you to gain more body confidence, improve your metabolism, enhance your posture, and optimize the functioning of your cardiovascular system. There are multiple strategies you could deploy to start getting fit. One is working one-on-one with a personal trainer or yoga instructor. Another is joining a local gym where you can take a wide range of group fitness classes like pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and step aerobics.

    3. Make Mental Health A Must
    If you’re really serious about kissing mediocre health goodbye, get serious about mental health. Optimizing the health of your mind and brain plays a key role in promoting holistic wellness because it ensures that you will be thinking in a clear manner that enables you to make healthy decisions. There are many strategies that you can deploy to promote mental health, and one of them is meditation. This technique helps you gain access to your inner thoughts, thereby empowering you to change any cognitive patterns that may be detracting from your productivity and positivity. Also consider the value of learning more about the inner workings of your brain by gaining more knowledge about neurology. To get started, consider using some of the resources provided on the Peach neurology Palm website.

    When you start thinking about cultivating a lifestyle of wellness, lack of knowledge or fear of the future may hold you back. Rather than remaining trapped in the realm of uncertainty and stagnation due to inaction, start implementing the strategies outlined above so that you can start experiencing the positive health changes that lead to greater dimensions of well-being!

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    Your health is the most valuable asset you have. You can’t buy it. You can’t replace it. You can’t waste it. You need to stay on top of any concerns that may arise. While preventative medicine is always the best course of action, there is always a chance that someday you are going to experience an issue with your help. If that day should come, you need doctors you can trust, such as a physicians group of South Florida. You’ll surround yourself with individuals who are going to help you to get to the bottom of what is causing any type of health problem you are experiencing.

    Patient Portal


    All the Doctors You Need in One Location
    When you seek help from a network of doctors located at a physicians group, you can save yourself time. The staff will include many areas of specialty, including Bariatrics, Cardiology, General Surgery, Family Practice, and more. You might begin with your general practitioner and receive a referral to another specialist within the network. Everyone is located in one place and will be able to provide you with the services that you need.

    Experience Timely Help with Greater Efficiency
    A physicians group can treat you with greater efficiency. All of the data is accessible to the team of doctors on staff. In addition, medical professionals will be able to collaborate and communicate with each other about your health concerns. You will be able to cut down on the wait time. Instead of hanging on for referral after referral, the process will move along much more quickly to stay on top of matters related to your help.

    Health Library

    Receive Comprehensive Care
    Whether you are seeking a doctor’s services for your annual exam or you are taking care of a severe issue, you want to know that you are in good hands. A physicians group can give you the assurance that you will be served by a group of qualified doctors who offer you the specialties that you need in order to maintain good health or get your health back on track. You’ll save time when you get pinpoint issues more quickly and address them. It will also give you peace of mind when you know that you are getting the proper care that you need. With a host of doctors at your immediate disposal, you will be pointed in the right direction.

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    Parents who want their children to lead lives of profound wellness should know that there are many steps they can take to make this happen. Below you’ll find several simple techniques you can implement to ensure that your child begins cultivating the type of mental and physical well-being that is conducive to healthy, happy living:

    1. Provide Your Child With Exercise Options
    One great way to help your child cultivate a healthy lifestyle is by providing her or him with exercise options. Children need to know that exercise is important, and they should also understand which options they have when it comes to selecting physical activities to engage in. Help your child with this by implementing strategies such as walking or cycling through the neighborhood, purchasing her or him a gym membership, etc. Pay careful attention to your child so that you can understand which physical activities she or he truly enjoys and when they’re just going through the motions to please you or get it done. Make sure your child knows that exercise adherence is frequently contingent upon engaging in activities that they find truly enjoyable.

    child climbing

    2. Stock Your Home With Healthy Food Choices
    Many parents know that teaching their children healthy eating habits is a big key to promoting their mental and physical equilibrium. Yet in many cases, these same parents are models for poor eating. Children are oftentimes enabled by this poor modeling such that they feel justified in making poor food decisions if their parents do so as well. To ensure that this doesn’t happen in your home, make sure that the pantry, refrigerator, and kitchen counters are always filled with nutritious, delicious items. One simple way to make it happen is by keeping a big bowl with your child’s favorite fruits on the counter top. Eat these foods with your children so that they understand that you value health and want to share the joy of wellness with them!

    delicious food salad 03 hd picture

    3. Consider Utilizing Behavioral Health Services
    In addition to stocking your home with healthy food choices, make sure that you consider utilizing behavioral health services. These services can be helpful for children who experience behavioral health issues such as incessant or inappropriate talking. If you’re looking for a behavioral therapy Alexandria VA company, note that the professionals of Engage Behavioral Health can assist you.

    Start Emphasizing Health Now!
    If you’re ready to help your child start cultivating a healthy lifestyle, don’t delay her or his growth process. Instead, begin making health a reality in your child’s life by using the tips outlined above!

  • 06Oct

    Although the old maxim “Health is wealth” may seem trite, it is certainly true. When an individual is healthy, she or he has a ton of energy, confidence, and the mood stability necessary to work productively and enjoy an active social life. Unfortunately, many people fail to implement the wellness strategies and standards necessary to facilitate optimal health. If this is your current dilemma, now is the time to implement the behavioral changes necessary to make great health yours. Here are two strategies that can help you make it happen:

    1. Optimize Your Diet.

    One of the best ways to get rich in wellness is by optimizing your diet. Unfortunately, many people put this important activity on the backburner and find themselves eating foods that detract from their appearance and vitality. Don’t conform to this cultural pattern. Instead, give your body the nutrients it needs to make you look and feel great every day. Although there’s no general consensus regarding which type of diet is ideal, most medical and wellness professionals agree that the majority of people could greatly benefit from incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diet. Also note that recognizing which foods you’re sensitive to will play an integral role in helping you eat appropriately. If you feel that you may be in need of a food intolerance test Hillsborough NJ residents can rely on, note that the professionals of Allergy Asthma & Sinus Center can assist you.

    natural and heatlhy food

    2. Meditate Every Morning.

    One of the reasons that people fail to attain and maintain health is because of their mentality. Whether it’s frenetic thinking or negative cognitive patterns that lower your self-esteem or give you a cynical outlook, correcting your mental habits is important if you’re serious about wellness. Luckily, there are a wide range of incredibly effective meditation modalities you can use to develop mental health. Some of them include:

    • Zazen
    • Vipassana, or mindfulness
    • Transcendental Meditation
    • Japa Mala Meditation
    • Mettha Bhavana
    • Guided visualizations
    • Moving meditation

    adult coloring

    One specific meditation you might consider is referred to as the blue sky meditation. With this modality, you transfer your mental focus from your mind to your body and imagine that you are lying on your back looking up at the clear blue sky. When distracting thoughts materialize in the mind, image that they are puffy clouds blowing across the blue sky. Once the cloud has passed, resume visualizing the beauty and infinite nature of the clear blue sky.

    Begin Implementing These Suggestions Immediately!

    Feeling great and looking good are just two of many wonderful outcomes that result from maintaining great health. To ensure that you can attain these life-enhancing outcomes, start implementing the wellness suggestions outlined above!

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    Your mouth comprises of soft and hard tissues. The lips, inner cheeks, tongue and gums make up soft tissues. Your jawbone and teeth are hard tissues. Additionally, connective tissues hold these structures together, along with blood vessels and nerve.

    Healthy functioning depends on all structures working together properly. When things become imbalanced, your oral health is compromised and you may need mouth reconstruction to get things back to normal.

    This type of dentistry is designed to correct issues such as:

    • Damaged teeth
    • Faulty bites
    • Missing teeth
    • Gum damage
    • Diseases in the mouth

    Types of Full Reconstruction Procedures

    Each reconstruction procedure can either be performed independently or jointly when multiple problems exist. If your oral health issues require it, your dentist may recommend one or a combination of the following:

    • Restorative treatments such as filings, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays
    • Implant dentistry to replicate and replace missing or damaged teeth
    • Cosmetic dentistry procedures, which include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, gum re-contouring and dental bonding
    • Neuromuscular treatment to correct problems caused by issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the bite
    • Bruxism is a therapy treatment to resolve teeth grinding and symptoms associated with this condition
    • Orthodontics procedures may include traditional metal braces, retainers, expanders, spacers or other procedures available to improve alignment
    • Oral surgery to perform a root canal, tooth extractions and grafting of soft and hard tissue
    • Periodontal treatments include root planing, surgery and scaling

    teeth smile health

    Likely Candidates for the Procedure

    Someone who has more than one oral health problem that affects most or all of their teeth, including supporting tissues, is a good candidate for full reconstruction of their mouth. Therefore, anyone who may require extensive oral surgery procedures should be in relative good health to receive anesthesia, whether local or general. For special needs patients, it is best to find dentists who are experienced in treating those types of cases.

    Beware of Potential Concerns

    With younger patients, the chance for a swift response to recovering quickly from these treatments improves. Of course, there are exceptions if the person has other health problems. However, more risk is generally involved with older patients receiving any type of dental procedure. For this reason, dental professionals will recommend less invasive procedures for older people.

    Additionally, if you have heart problems or certain types of autoimmune diseases, special consideration should be given before undergoing these procedures. Make sure you provide complete details about your health to the dentist. Also include current medications during the initial consultation to get a treatment plan that is good for your oral and physical health.

  • 02Aug

    Are you thinking of having another side income other than your main income? Are you thinking of having another property other than the one that you already own? Are you thinking of having another property to help you earn your side income? Are you thinking of being an investor in Singapore’s property field? If your answer to all four questions above is a ‘yes’, then you will have to know the proper numbers and costs it takes to become a property investor in Singapore. With the booming of Singapore properties scene, you have to be sure that you are capable and have sufficient capitals before you jump into the property investor bandwagon.

    Singapore property is usually regarded as the jewel in the Singapore property field, therefore, if you are capable of affording property in Singapore, it is definitely an investment worth invest in. Before you can start preparing to be an investor in the Singapore Property field, you will need to know exactly on what sort of property market that you are entering, because the value to invest in property varies across different type of properties. It is a long term financial security, a little extra cash flow or return on capital you may grow from being a property investor. There are many articles on how to become a property investor, are you ready to be a property investor,    what you should know about real estate valuation before you start being a property investor.


    It is essenstial to for property buyers to always leave themselves with plenty of room for unknown costs of changes in the property market. To become a property investor, you will be required to prepare for the following 8 things, no matter what type of the type of property that you want to invest in: (1) down payment, (2) BSD and ABSD, (3) initial renovation costs, (4) emergency renovation fund, (5) agent fees, (6) insurance, (7) mortgage repayment and fund, and lastly (8) tax fees and maintenance fees.

    First of all, down payment. The Loan to Value also known as LTV, is greatly dependent on the number of home loans you have loaned before and not the total number of houses or homes that you have. It is important to know that the maximum LTV ratio for a second housing loan that has a tenure of 30 years or less is 50%. As for the 50% that is left remaining, minimum of 25% of the payment have to be done in terms of cash. The remaining will then be paid from your SPF Ordinary Account (CPF OA). Then, for the third and subsequent loan, the maximum LTV is reduced to 40%.

    For example, the lowest down payment for a shoebox sized unit that is priced at $750,000 is $375,000. From the $375,000, the amount of $187,500 must be paid in terms of cash. The remaining can be remunerate via CPF OA or a merging of cash and CPF OA. As for a normal $1.2 million condominium, the lowest down payment will then be $600,000 where $300,000 has to be paid in cash. A $5.5 million luxury condominium will have the lowest down payment at $2.75 million where minimum amount need to be paid in cash is $1.375 million. Not forgetting additional fees for conveyancing which would cost approximately $2,200. Another thing that you should not miss out on is the role of your guarantor. Starting from 2013, guarantors must be listed as co-owners if you are using a guarantor.

    Secondly, Basic Stamp Duty (BSD) and ABSD. No matter whether you are a citizen of Singapore, buyers will need to pay SBSD on properties past the first property you own. 7% of ABSD has to be paid on the second property and 10% on the third property whereas for Singaporean permanent residents, they will have to pay 10% of ABSD past their first property. To further understand on how BSD is calculated, buyers can visit the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to find out more.

    Thirdly, initial renovation costs. Most initial renovation costs are in the range of $30,000 as most of the loans for renovations are limited at $30,000, if not, your income of 6 months. Nonetheless, we will add in another 20% of the limited $30.000 for the initial renovation costs as most renovations plus subsequent furnishing are bound to go beyond the budget of $30,000.. Therefore, we will have the initial renovation costs of shoebox units and condominium units to be approximately $36,000.

    Now, here comes the question. You will now wonder why does the initial renovation costs of a shoebox unit with 500 square feet or lesser costs around the same price as a condominium unit of, say 1,400 square feet? This is because shoebox units have a more complicated design and feature that is needed to make them stand out and appeal to buyers. For example, most shoebox units have a walk-in wardrobe despite the small built up area, as to catch the attention of tenants, which will then help the property investors to increase their possible rental incomes. As for luxury condominium units, renovation costs fees can go up to approximately $100,000 or more in terms of renovation and furnishing.

    Next, emergency renovation fund. Do not underestimate the importance of emergency renovation fund as you will never know when do problems arise. Always have an emergency renovation fund of approximately $10,00 just in case one day you have to repair damages in your house such as air conditioners that is spoiled, kitchen damage, broken lock or windows and et cetera. To further minimize the cost, be sure to not take out unaffordable loans just to fix on these damages.

    Not to forget, agent fee is one of the items that you should not forget. If you were to engage with property agent to look for tenant, you will then need to draw up to pay a sum of rent worth a month for fixing a tenant with 2 years lease. Also, take into account the tasks that the agent will be handling, such as negotiations and paper work. Let us say if you were to find tenants by yourself, it is only recommended to do so when you want to find the subsequent potential tenant, after you have observed the way the property agents market the property, negotiate and persuade potential tenants and dealing with paperwork.

    In addition, home insurance should not be forgotten as well. Remember this, basic fire insurance is not enough. Think of the costs that you will have to bear if your tenant destroy your house. A basic fire insurance does not cover third party damage so do consider getting a more complete home insurance that covers personal accident insurance as one of the packages. This would cost approximately $240 per year.

    Moreover, mortgage repayments and fund. A mortgage fund is a fund for mortgage repayment over a period of 6 months and it is held in for emergencies. Let us say if something were to go wrong, such as retrenchment, the mortgage fund will ensure you to have greater holding power that allows you to have a longer waiting time to sell your property for a better price or to hunt for another new job in order to stay away from selling them altogether.

    Lastly, maintenance and tax fees. When it comes to maintenance fees, we estimate the maintenance fees for a shoebox unit to be approximately $200 per month and $300 per month for a condominium unit. As for luxury condominium unit, maintenance fees will be around $450 that is charged by the management committee, for costs such as the cleaning of swimming pool, gymnasium and repainting buildings. You should be prepared to pay all these additional costs. Whereas, property taxes are solely based on the Annual Value of the property, which can also be understood as the rental income per year from your property.  Annual Value is the estimated gross rental income of the property per year, for example,  if your rental income is $2,000, the Annual Value will then be $24,000. Do check out IRAS to find out more on tax fees.

    In conclusion, an investment with a shoebox unit will require an initial sum of approximately $505,918, inclusive of CPF usage and first agent’s commission. Monthly cost will then costs approximately $2,083, including the taxes, insurance, maintenance fees and et cetera. Whereas for a condominium unit, the initial sum will cost approximately $781,510 with monthly cost around $3,241. As for a luxury condominium, you will definitely need a larger initial sum, which is approximately $2,1 million with month cost of approximately $14,366. Do bear in mind that not all investments in Singapore property field share the same amount or value as they can differ across one another depending on the types of units that you plan to invest.


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