• 19Feb

    Before my 3 precious angels came along, I had a body to boast. The curves were at the right places. I could wear a bikini and strut on the beach wearing it proudly. The skin around my belly was flawless and devoid of stretch marks. My waist measurement was only 25 inches and I was a mere 42kg, wearing XS clothes. I could wear sexy outfits and party all night. I had all the quiet and free time in the world on my off days and had total peace of mind at home. I could even go jogging twice a day, an hour each session. But when I had all the quiet time and peace in the world, I craved to hear cries of babies. I craved for some kids’ chatter in the house. The sight of babies and young kids touched the pit of my heart. But it wasn’t easy for us. We went through a long and windy road to get to where we are today.

    Today, the stretch marks on my belly, the flabby belly that I carry and a waist line expanded to 27 inches are all road maps to my journey – my journey to have 3 angels. Though I  no longer have a curvaceous body and a flawless and flat belly to flaunt, I am nevertheless one very contented woman, albeit I am still trying to remove those stretch marks from my belly. Though I had used many types of anti-stretch marks cream throughout my 3 pregnancies, those stubborn stretch marks inevitably formed. After google searching ways to remove stretch marks, I found a very good website to learn everything on the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. I learned that aloe vera, which is packed with vitamins and minerals is effective in treating stretch marks. Another cool way of concealing your stretch marks is by way of tattoo! Yep if you cannot get rid of those stubborn stretch marks, color them the way you want it! Do check out stretchmarks24.com to find out how to get rid of stretch marks the way you like it.

    Tattoo on your belly. What a cool and funky way to cover your stretch marks!


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I am a WFHM with 3 beautiful girls - Alycia, Sherilyn and Cassandra. I quit the job that I love to stay home with my 3 angels as that's what I've always wanted to do. I am a health freak, fitness freak and a clean freak too. I love to eat and live healthily and I want my kids and hubby to do the same too. Apart from being obsessed with good health, I am obsessed with fashion! I own an online store that sells ladies and kids clothing. Check out my online store at Old & New Stuff For Sale

I always believe that your health is your wealth and if you have good health, that's the best gift you can ever ask for from God.

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