• 06Jan

    The kids have been bugging me to buy them those processed jellies from the supermarket each time we go groceries-shopping.  Looking at the ingredients of these processed jellies, they contain mostly of sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives, guar gum and other food additives, which are terribly bad for health, not to mention hazardous for young kids.  Fatal incidences of young kids choking to death when eating these cup-jellies are very common.  So I decided to make some all-natural jellies to satiate their cravings.

    But I could not find our jelly moulds.  Alycia and I hunted for the moulds high and low and in every nook and corner but they just could not be found.  So I made do with lunch boxes haha!  And I feel it is so much more convenient to use larger containers — easier to pour, store in fridge (can even cover the containers) and wash.

    I used a packet of the good old traditional agar-agar strips, which only cost me RM2.50 a packet.


    I added Ribena and lots of fresh kiwi and grapes .


    Though there is no jelly mould, the jellies could still be shaped with my old My Melody and Star shaped cookie cutters which I bought online aeons ago when I was in the bento-craze phase!


    Healthy and all-natural (almost) jellies which my kids love and it ain’t hard to make at all! My next mission is to make coconut jellies from pure coconut water and flesh. We tasted this jelly at Han Room and everyone got hooked on the coconut jelly.

  • 08Dec

    The mil made 3 batches of scones just before she left for Hong Kong. First batch was unsuccessful.  Undeterred, she made another batch the next day.  Texture has improvement but still did not meet her high standards. So she made another batch the same day!  And we all had scones for breakfast, lunch and dinner (as dessert) for 3 days straight lol!   We also gave some away to friends.

    I like to eat my scones with homemade kaya (coconut jam) and strawberry Philadelphia cheese spread.

    This is how Alycia preferred to eat her scones — with blueberry jam and grandma’s homemade fresh cream.  Yep, the mil even whipped up some fresh cream (from whipping cream) to go with the scones!


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