• 31May

    I have not had a pap smear and full medical check up for almost 4 years! I know you are probably raising both your eye brows now and shaking your head in disbelief.  How could this health freak mommy do this to herself!?  How could I have done this to myself?!  I could have killed myself unknowingly.  I have taken care of my kids’ health and well-being so well but neglected on my own.  Any malignant disease  can still be successfully treated if discovered early.   Blame it on procrastination and busyness.  Lame excuses! Shame on myself 🙁

    I told the hubs that by hook or crook, I have to get it done by this month but today is already the last day of May!!  I promise myself that I MUST get it done by next week!!  And I hope that everything is A-OK with me! Well, I feel good, no pain anywhere and no unusual tell-tale signs in any part of my body.  Dear God, please let me be fine.  I want to live  long enough to see my girls graduate from uni, get married and I want to be a granny to my girls’ kids. Most of all, I want to travel round the world! Amen…

    Have you done your pap smear and medical check up yet? How often do you do it?

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  • 02Feb

    I woke up with a really irritating and uncomfortable throat and congested nose this morning. My head felt and is still feeling very heavy and I have been feeling really zonked out since this morning. I am definitely bitten by the flu bug that our part-time maid brought to the house. She came with the same symptoms 3 days ago and asked for the following day off as she wasn’t feeling well. Now I am bitten, really terribly! I realized that if I do not have enough sleep, I will fall prey to flu bugs very easily. Today, I just did not feel like doing anything — did not feel like cooking, washing, talking, working but but but…. SIGH…. I have to do them ALL. Cooked twice a day some more, bleh! Coz I can’t stand eating outside food. It would irritate my throat more and I don’t want my girls to be eating salt+oil+MSG laden food. Breathing is difficult and I am only breathing through my mouth, causing my mouth to be dry and corner of lips all cracked and darn painful. Gawd, I feel horrible! I just told my girls that mummy’s life is tougher than a maid’s life. While a maid gets medical leave and rest when she is sick, mummy has to work though she is sick till she feels like dying! All I want to do now is to go to my bed, close the door, turn off the light, turn on the air cond and sleep through till tomorrow morning. Yea, dream on! I still have to pick Sherilyn up from ballet, send out customers’ orders, churn out invoices, fight fire with some people and….. sigh!

    Here’s what I prepared for lunch and dinner today. Meals were prepared without any stir frying. Just did not feel like using the spatula and cleaning up oil splatters.

    Lunch – blanched plum flavored noodles (flown all the way from Japan-Hong Kong-KL to us by the MIL) with Japanese noodles sauce, blanched mustard green veggie, meat balls, seaweed. Hard-boiled eggs.

    Dinner – roast chicken + hard boiled egg + mayo + cucumber sandwiches. I used the chunks of breast meat from a huge roast chicken that we bought from Jason’s Grocer 2 days ago. Then used a scissors to cut up the breast meat into really small pieces and mixed the chicken meat, mashed boiled eggs and mayo together. The girls loved it!  Had  herbal soup too, that I boiled yesterday.

    Easy-peasy meals and good on my kids, they did not complain.. well Cass did not quite like the exotic flavored Japanese noodles though. Nevertheless, she finished them all! Good girls!

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  • 08Nov

    These injured palms with red, raw flesh exposed have been the cause of my misery for the past 3 days. The pain and discomfort are making me feel very, very tetchy and moody. Whenever the girls misbehaved, fought, quarelled and disobeyed me, I would holler  at them and then I would feel like sobbing (caused mainly by the throbbing pain on both palms and aches all over my hands and legs) and running away from home to have a long recuperation.

    My wound dressing items. The Betadine would sting the would but not as bad as the sting from the alcohol swab. Alcohol when in contact with an open wound would make you feel as if you were burnt by fire!  Since yesterday, I  have changed to tea tree oil from Melaleuca for my wound. Though the tea tree oil would still sting the wound a little, it is not as bad as Betadine. I am leaving the wounds unbandaged starting today.  It hurts but I am trying to dry up the wound, lest it gets infected when covered in a damp condition all the time.  I cannot afford to have an infection on both my hands.  There’s just too much for me to do with my hands.  Business may still be halted but the household cannot.

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  • 25Aug

    They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for us.  I totally agree on this.  I have a pretty heavy breakfast everyday. It keeps my tummy full and satiated and all thoughts of snacks and food will be stave off for the rest of the day!  As we burn the most calories in the morning and afternoon through house work, running errands, etc.,  our body burns off the food very quickly.  All the carbo ‘allocation’ that I allow myself is mostly eaten during breakfast — fruits,  kuih, cakes, bread and even junk food are all taken in the morning. Also, I need not have to eat stealthily in the morning as my kids are all in school! 🙂  My lunch is moderately heavy and dinner is the lightest meal of the day for me. Supper is a no-no for me but I have that once in a blue moon supper when we hang out with friends.

    Here’s my typical mid-morning breakfast.  Here, I had lightly toasted homemade wholemeal bread with butter, 2 free range chicken eggs – half boiled and sprinkled with some Taiwanese meat floss, a piece of Nyonya kuih and a mug of green tea which is a must every morning.  When I wake up every morning, I down a cup of apple cider vinegar with psyllium husk and Manuka honey.  Half an hour later, I have my cup of coffee with milk and take my vitamins.  Once I am back from my morning exercise, I eat fruits and half an hour later, I have my mid morning solid breakfast.

    What do you eat for breakfast every morning?

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  • 02Aug

    This bowl of muesli was the first item that I helped myself to at the buffet breakfast @ Hilton Sentral. Of all the interesting grub laid on the buffet tables, the first two items that caught my eyes first were the yoghurt / nuts/ muesli bar and fresh juice bar. I started off with some fresh cut fruits, a glass of freshly juiced orange – apple – celery juice and muesli, followed with eggs, sausages and a little bit of everything.

    My bowl of muesli with lots of sliced toasted almonds, pistachio nibs, fresh pineapple slices and low fat fresh milk.

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  • 05Mar

    Not the healthiest of breakfast choice, but the simple and cheap economical fried vermicelli or ‘king jai fun’ is my all-time favourite comfort food since aeons ago up until today! This simple yet comforting staple food served as breakfast and even lunch is ubiquetious in the morning, at road-side stalls, vans and in coffee shops. The usual side-dishes that go well alongside it are chicken curry, fried eggs, sausages, fish cakes, spring rolls fish balls and vegetables curry. Some like it eaten with soy bean sweet sauce (teem ceong), curry gravy and chilli sauce. For me, I like it eaten with chicken curry and fried fish spring rolls. I had sought so much comfort eating it during my 3 pregnancies as it had never failed to help reduce my morning sickness. I could eat it 3x a day and not get fed-up with it!

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  • 25May

    Everything on my blog seems to go wrong today. First I tried to log in to one of my blogspot blogs to upload pix but the system did not recognize the password. After trying a hundred times, I told myself to forget about this blog since I don’t really need this blog. This blog only serves as a platform for me to upload pix. Then I created another gmail account in the hope of creating another blog but bummer, the same thing happened. After successfully creating the gmail account, the new gmail account is now not recognizing my password! I have now spent almost an hour trying to log in to the 2 stupid gmail accounts and blog but nothing is working. I am so so pissed off. I am going to give up before my head explodes. Here I am rushing to finish off some assignments and with another pile of work on my online store waiting for me to settle and such unexpected problems have to crop up… at such an impeccable timing. This has never happened to my gmail accounts and blogs before. I shall try everything again later *take deeeeep breath*

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  • 28Apr

    My mum and friends have been telling me that my lack of sleep lately is all shown on my eyes. The dark circles under my eyes look really awful if I don’t apply powder or make up on my face. Gee, this is what almost hitting 40 feels and looks like! Should I pop some hgh supplements to assist me in looking good again? I can’t wait to get rid of those hideous dark circles under my eyes, which are making me look 10 years older than my actual age!! Hmmm, whatcha think?

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  • 20Jan

    Yesterday I felt really bloated. I actually have a mild case of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Sometimes, I can’t fully empty my bowels and as a result, I would have discomfort and flatulence the whole day. Boy, I hate that feeling of having a hard tummy and letting out gas when I am in a public place. I did not have much appetite for food yesterday so I only ate a small plate of stir fried cauliflower with fresh mushrooms, prawns and celery for dinner. After dinner, I felt even more bloated. So after resting for a while, I decided to drink some apple cider vinegar to help with easing the bowel movement.  ACV can also help to neutralize some of the acids in my body from the meat that I had eaten. I poured out about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and mixed it with Ribena and water. It was still very sour and as usual, it had a slight sting and choking effect on my throat right up to my nose. (instruction is to take 1-2 tablespoons only) About half an hour later, I squeezed some lime juice and drank it with some water.  I drink a glass of lime juice after my dinner everyday. About 2 hours later, I had this pain from my chest right up to my abdomen in the middle. It felt like severe gastric pain. The pain lasted for a few hours. I felt cold, felt like emptying my bowels and felt like puking. I tried hard to control the vomiting and quickly went to my bed and lay down in a fetal position.  My girls wanted me to read to them and pray but I had to turn them down as I felt horrible.  Lying down in a fetal position can help prevent vomiting and I was in that position most of the time for the first 14 weeks of my first pregnancy.

    Finally at about 11ish pm, the stubborn poop descended down after causing big havoc and a tornedo inside my guts and tummy. I was sitting on the throne in pain and felt really cold. After I was done with my business, I felt a big relief!! But the nagging pain was still in my abdomen, as if I had heart burn. I had heart burn too when I was preggers with Alycia.

    I had loads of work to complete on the computer but I could not sit upright without feeling nauseous. I quickly went back to bed, had a good night’s sleep and the pain was almost gone this morning. I went for a jog and then to the gym as usual this morning.  Now the pain is totally gone. Lesson learnt for me. Never ever have an overdose of apple cider vinegar again!  And oh yes, I bought 2 more bottles of apple cider vinegar from the organic shop today as it was on offer – only RM38.90 for 2 big bottles.  Normal price is over RM22 a bottle.   But I ain’t going to overdo it this time!!

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  • 19Jul

    This slice of bread looks like any other bread but it’s a very expensive loaf of  bread. What’s added into the bread is goose liver pate, an expensive delicacy. This bread was flown in from HK and was baked by my sil in HK. She’s a fantastic baker.

    I love my slice of bread spread with cheese spread and my mum’s homemade sugar-reduced strawberry jam, yums! This breakfast is way healthier than tucking into a plate of nasi lemak or roti canai, right?

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