• 15Sep

    Our smoothie-of-the-day for today…

    3 oranges + 1 green apple + handful of cherries (seeds removed)+ juice from 1 lemon.  Simply love the zesty lemony taste from the lemon!

    Cherries are on offer at our neighborhood supermarket and hubs managed to grab a huge punnet at only RM29.90.  What a steal it was!   I think I want to grab another punnet tomorrow after breakfast.

    Did you know that cherries are touted as a super food?

    For those of you who love cherries, this ruby sweet fruit is much more than a tasty summer treat. Cherries are known to combat cancer, improve sleep, balance blood pressure and ease gout. Compounds found within cherries also help to relieve pain. Possessing potent anti-inflammatory properties, these delicious gems are an excellent way to ward off disease.

    Rich in vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, cherries are a powerhouse of nutrition and should be enjoyed often.  If only cherries are more affordable in our country, I would definitely be stocking up cherries in my fridge!


  • 09Aug

    Despite a chilly morning and having a slight runny nose, Cass went swimming with her grandma this morning. On Thursday, she told me that her throat hurt a little and on Friday, she was sneezing with slimy worm-like goo oozing from her nostrils.   Many moons ago, I would have panicked when my girls had sore throat or a flu as a few days later, we would surely have to make a trip to the pediatric’s clinic for fever meds. These days, I no longer panic like a headless chicken when the girls tell me that they have sore throat or have a flu. All I need are an overdose of Izumio hydrogen water, Super Lutein and Esberitox (echinacea) for the flu. And it works like a charm. Cass’ sore throat lasted for a day and runny nose for 2 days. Today, I allowed her to go swimming in the morning and when she came back from swimming, she proudly announced “mummy, I am so happy that my goo goo is gone!”

    For breakfast, I made smoothie for everyone with my favorite kitchen gadget, Blendtec blender.

    Smoothie for today composed of red apples + oranges + chia seeds + coconut water + coconut flesh + mini pineapples.

    The mil bought the mini pineapples from the SS2 PJ wet market and they were super sweet!  Hopefully they ain’t  GMO pineapples!!


    2 huge oranges, 2 medium size red apples, 2 mini pineapples and 2 cups of coconut water yielded 5 bottles of smoothie which would have cost over RM65 if bought from smoothie and juice bars at the shopping mall.  My cost is only about RM15!  Did I tell you that one of my many business plans is to set up a juice, smoothie and salad bar one day?  Yeah, keep dreaming and it may materialize one day.  I do believe in the Law of Attraction!


    Izumio hydrogen water – safe and natural even for babies. I am so thankful I discovered it!  And my other dream is for everyone to try it. It’s life saving and you can say goodbye to many of your medicines forever once you’ve included hydrogen water into your daily life. Trust me!






  • 10Apr

    My passion in passion fruit was unleashed during my holiday in Lake Toba,  Indonesia with my mother circa 1992.  In Indonesia, passion fruits are called Markisa.  We were served Markisa juice everywhere that we went to — from the hotel to the restaurants and on board the plane.

    Since then, I have always bought passion fruits. I like them eaten in any way – straight from the fruit, made into cocktail,  juice,  smoothie, ice-cream,  fruit tart, passion fruit swiss roll and passion tea.

    Passion fruits are   very affordable local fruits. But we very careful when you scoop them out from the shell. Once, I almost chowed down some worms when I spooned out the  fruit from the shell. Thankfully I looked closer when I thought I saw something squirming within the seeds, ewwww! Since then, I have always scooped the fruit out into a bowl to do a spot check before I pop them into my mouth! Better be safe than to have wriggly worms breeding in your guts!

    Yesterday I made passion fruit smoothie. I  used 3 oranges, 1 green apple and 2 passion fruits and added pure orange + apple + apricot juice to produce 4.5 glasses of thick smoothie.

    So refreshing and aromatic!


     Health Benefits of Passion Fruit:

    1. Promotes intestinal health

    2. Cardiovascular benefits:

    3. Asthma attack:
    A current scientific study stated that passion fruit is an extremely powerful remedy for asthma victims. The peel includes a group of substances which includes chemicals, acids and several various other ingredients which can supply a little bit of alleviation to the asthma sufferers all over the place.

    4. Treats Insomnia   

    5. Kills Cancer:
    Research workers in the University of Florida have discovered that yellow passion fruit extracts can easily kill cancer cells within vitro. The phytochemicals which can be liable for this particular anti-cancer effect usually are carotenoids as well as polyphenols.

    6. Reduces Anxiety

    7. Antioxidants
    Passion fruit is abundant with vitamin C, an anti-oxidant which safeguards you from the harm free-radicals cause, avoiding premature aging as well as keeping the immune system powerful. Along with 71 milligrams for each cup, one serving provides you with all the vitamin C you’ll need every day. Additionally, it provides you with 10 % of the foliate you will need. Vitamin C as well as foliate are water-soluble nutrition which gradually turn out to be exhausted right after harvest. A freshly-picked passion fruit is a lot more nourishing than one which has been saved as well as moved, so get passion fruit from the farmers’ marketplace whenever possible.

    8. Contains Iron which relieves anemia

    9. Great Dietary Aid for Weight Loss
    For all those watching their body weight or even attempting to lose weight, fruits are definitely the suggested culinary food. However the passion fruit appears to be created for a fat loss diet. It really is lower in calories, just 97 calories for each 100 g! It can be lower in sodium as well as fat. It provides a fair amount of carbohydrates as well as natural sugars, therefore the body of a human recovers rapidly from the exercise as well as energy levels are rejuvenated. The fruit’s nutrition focus on cholesterol-reducing levels within the body. In addition, the high fiber content indicates a serving of the fruit satiates your hunger as well as keeps you full, so that you do not overeat on various other food items.

    10. Has Relaxation Effect
    A tall cool glass of passion fruit juice might help unwind your nerves as well as your mind, causing you to really feel relaxed. This particular juice can also be recommended for digestive problems and enables along with indigestion as well as gastric problems.




  • 01Mar

    It’s the most dreaded time of the year again. The time when it is sweltering hot and water rationing looms again.  Yours truly, the ‘puteri lilin’ gets nauseous each time she comes back from the outdoors, after getting grilled by the murderous heat.  This afternoon I made a mistake and brought the girls to the open-air coffee shop to eat piping hot bitter gourd pork noodles. Gawd, I could feel the hot soup burning my innards, causing steam to emit from my nostrils! And I was soaking in my own sweat under the canopy outside the coffee shop. I was rushing the girls to finish off their bowls of hot noodles before we made a quick dash into the nearby supermarket to enjoy the air cond to cool down before getting into our sauna car!

    Here’s a little simple, refreshing and healthy cool treat I made for the girls with my Blendtec smoothie maker to chill  them down…


    Ice lolly made from dragon fruit + organic Juliet apple + orange smoothie…

    The girls love it and have been indulging in them everyday.


    Tomorrow, I shall get a pineapple to make pineapple + orange smoothie ice lolly.  It is so much fun creating healthy ice lollies for the girls. They are free from sugar, preservative and food additives. Only goodness in every lick and good to the last drop! 🙂



  • 13May

    The other day, I bought 2 large cucumbers from Tesco at less than a dollar for 2!  As I still had some mint leaves and ripe tomatoes in the fridge, I decided to make a cucumber + tomatoes + mint leaves + green apple smoothie for myself and the mil.  After whirling the smoothie for a few seconds, I tried the smoothie and it was a tad sourish.  So I poured some guava yoghurt drink into the Shimono cup and pulsed it for a few more seconds and now, it tasted more palatable and refreshing!

  • 11May

    Today is Cass’ kindy’s sports day. We left the house at 8am and I left with only some fruits and a cup of milk in my tummy which I took  earlier. By the time we reached home at 10am, we were all very hungry. I quickly whipped up orange + chia seeds smoothie for the girls and whipped up something really fruity, nutty and milky for myself!

    My hazelnut milk + fruits smoothie. It was my first time trying out this delish concoction and I think I am going to do it again as I loved it!

    1 medium size sweet apple, skin peeled and de-seeded
    1/4 cup fresh milk
    1/4 cup plain boiled water
    6 purple grapes
    6 hazelnuts (raw). You can add more if you want it thicker and nuttier
    Ice cubes (optional)

    Pour all the ingredients into the Shimono cup. Screw on the X blade and pulse for about 10 seconds and it’s all ready to be savored directly from the cup!

  • 07May

    Smoothies for my girls today:


    Red dragon fruit + strawberries + fresh coconut water + chia seeds smoothie for Alycia and Cass &

    Orange + purple grapes + chia seeds smoothie for Sherilyn!

    Loving my Shimono food processor to bits!


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