• 31Jul

    The soles of my feet are one of the ugliest I have ever seen.  I used to tell the hubs that the sole of my feet have a worst off appearance than that of our former live-in helper’s feet.  To begin with, I have very dry skin.  I started to have cracked heels ever since I became a SAHM.  Wetting my feet with soap and water all the time has taken a serious toll on the skin  of my feet and heels. Over the years, the peeling and cracking of the skin have become really bad.  The cracks and peeling on the soles of the feet have caused  dirt to enter beneath the skin and this has caused the soles of my feet to look dirty.

    The chronic dry skin on the soles of my feet and cracked heels have improved ever since I started to use Renew skin therapy from Melaleuca.  Recently, I started using Melaleuca’s Body Satin foot scrub and this has helped to soften the skin on the sole of my feet.

    One sure way of keeping the skin on my feet supple is to avoid wetting the feet so often but this is impossible right now with house work in my way.

    I am too ashamed to even post pictures of my unsightly feet in this blog.  If you ever see the pictures of my feet, I’ll bet you won’t believe that they belong to the person with a face with such soft skin!  I have now set aside 10 minutes each day to soften my feet with Melaleuca’s foot scrub and a pumice and hopefully, I can get rid of the dirt beneath the skin. Next, I have to do something to ‘close up’ all the cracks and peeling on the soles.  Hopefully by year’s end, I can see some improvement on my feet.


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