• 03Oct

    I felt really disturbed after reading about the case of a 20-month old baby boy who was given double dosage of meds by the pharmacist of a private hospital here in KL in yesterday’s newspapers.  The pharmacist not only prescribed double dosage of fever meds to the toddler, but also double dosage of antibiotics and lozenges!  The dosage was meant for an adult.  When the boy turned pale, sweated profusely and cried incessantly, his mother called the hospital and the nurse there admitted that the dosage given was wrong!!

    Reading this reminded me that 1.5 years ago, Baby too was given the wrong dosage of prophylaxis antibiotics  (for the prevention of UTI) by the pharmacist in a supposedly ‘five star’ hospital chain.  The hospital is in Ipoh.  I had brought Baby back to Ipoh to my parents during the long school holidays in 2008.  Fortunately, I was a ‘pro’ in antibiotics dosage after having administered them to Baby since she was 7 weeks old. When I queried the pharmacist, he appeared confused and then I insisted that he called the doctor to reconfirm the dosage.  It was then that he realized his mistake.  What if I am a newbie mother who doesn’t know anything about antibiotics dosage?  My baby would have suffered at the expense of the pharmacist’s carelessness.

    So my advice to all mothers is to always double check your child’s meds dosage with the doctor after the pharmacist has given you the meds.  Just spend a few minutes to ask the doctor and your child’s life could be saved. Don’t worry about troubling your doctor.  I’m just speaking from experience.

  • 06Jun

    When our surgeon prescribed Maltofer syrup (iron) to Baby C to increase her haemoglobin which was quite low, I really thought my baby would not be able to swallow the black yucky looking stuff… coz I knew I wouldn’t be able  to.   I am one who finds it extremely hard to swallow meds in syrup form. But when I fed baby with it, she took it quite well. In fact, she didn’t really make a big fuss  whenever I fed her with it coz when I smelled it, it actually has a very appetizing aroma and smells like caramel and toffee.  Thank God baby does not have much problems swallowing the iron syrup, else she may have to go for a blood transfusion if her haemoglobin drops further. Anyway, I think her haemoglobin is going up again coz she doesn’t look that pale anymore… and her lips are red again.

    Baby C has to take 2.5ml of Maltofer twice a day.  Sometimes I only feed her once a day, especially when I notice that her poop is a tad hard the following day.  Maltofer also causes the stools to be dark green and smell horrid!  

    I normally feed baby the Maltofer with her Pediasure (which I still have to painstakingly spoon feed her 3 times a day at the most 2 ounces each time) together with some snacks like buns, bread, rusks or crackers as treats.  Baby still loves mummy’s milkie best.

  • 06Feb

    Baby C loves most fruits. So far, I’ve given her papayas, red dragon fruits, oranges, apples, plums, grapes, strawberries, pears, peaches and yesterday, gave her avocado.

    Peach is one of Baby C’s favorite fruits, next to strawberry. I love peaches too, they are my favorite. Love the fragrance, the texture and the sweetness of the peach.

    For those who start their babies on solid foods earlier than the recommended 6 months of age, peaches are an easy to digest first food for those between 4-6 months of age. Peaches may be poached, steamed or baked. Please be aware that peaches tend to loose their nutritive value with prolonged cooking. Baking peaches or steaming them may be the best choice of cooking for optimal nutrient retention.

    Food For Thought:

    Peaches are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A and they contain a great amount of fiber. Peaches are known to have a diuretic affect and also are a natural laxative. Along with Prunes, the Peach is a great fruit to give to your baby if constipation has become a problem.

    Nutriotional information on peaches (one medium size) :

    Vitamin A – 524 IU
    Vitamin C – 19 mg
    Folate – 5.5 mcg
    Niacin – .97 mg

    Potassium – 193 mg
    Phosphorus – 12 mg
    Magnesium – 6.9 mg
    Calcium – 5 mg
    Selenium – .4 mg
    Also contains trace amounts of iron, zinc, manganese and copper.

    Baby C can wallop this small bowl of peach within minutes.

  • 01Jan

    After given wrong dosage of antibiotics twice by the pharmacists from 2 private hospitals recently, my advise to everyone is that it’s best to double check with your paed after you have received the meds from the pharmacy in the hospital.

    First incident – a very well-known private hospital in Ipoh
    My paed told me that my baby has to be given 1.2ml of antibiotics once a day.  I was supposed to be given antibiotics enough for 1 month. After receiving the antibiotics from the pharmacist, I double checked the print-out info on the sticker on the bottle of meds. The instruction on the bottle of antibiotics said that the bottle of meds is to be discarded 7 days after reconstitution. However, I was only given 1 bottle and was told to finish the entire bottle, enough to last my baby for 1 month!  The print out stated that the dosage is 1.5ml.  There were 2 gross errors here.  First, the bottle of meds has to be discarded after 7 days and I wasn’t informed.  I was told to feed my baby with the antibiotics for 1 month!  Second, instead of stating a dosage of1.2ml on the print-out sticker for the bottle, it was printed as 1.5ml.  Good thing I am so hands on in handling my baby’s meds, if I were inexperienced, I would have fed her the wrong dosage and fed her the antibiotics which would have gone bad after 7 days.  My baby could have been seriously ill resulting from the hospital’s negligence.

    Second incident – a private hospital in KL
    That happened yesterday. Over the phone, my paed told me that my baby has to take 2ml of antibiotics. My hubby then went to the hospital pharmacy to collect the meds. When I checked the bottle of meds later, I was shocked to see that the dosage was printed as 3.75ml on the sticker stuck to the bottle of antibiotics. I then called my paed to reconfirm the dosage, which he told me was only 2ml. Good grief, that’s a real gross negligence and if I were a blur sotong mummy who trusts the hospital 100%, my baby would have been given almost double dosage of medication!

    After these 2 incidences, I no longer trust any hospital.  I thought my baby would be in safer hands in an expensive private hospital, but I was so wrong.  I think I will call my paed to reconfirm the dosage of the medication and to double check the shelf-life of the medication from now onwards, just to be doubly sure.  When it comes to medication for my baby, I just can’t afford to go wrong. 

  • 22Nov

    When the IV line was prematurely taken off from her hand on Monday night, Baby C had to be given oral antibiotics (Zinnat) at the hospital. Zinnat must have tasted yucky coz Baby C bawled big time and struggled until she puked. Hubby and I spent over half an hour in the hospital coaxing her and forcing the meds into her mouth. I really feel so sorry for Baby C. I really hate forcing my kids to swallow their meds coz I had a real traumatic time eating antibiotics (the stinky and bitter pink colored ones) when I was 8 years old. When I kept throwing up the antibiotics, my parents forced me to drink it too… and in the end, I still puked.  That incident is still etched in my mind and because of this, I am really very patient when it comes to feeding my kids meds coz I know how terrible it feels swallowing those yucky stuff, only to have it forced out again painfully.   Anyway, back to Baby C.  When we finally forced fed her 6ml of antibiotics,  she puked everything out in the car…. all on my pants.

    After the incident in the hospital, Baby C has developed a phobia whenever we feed her anything using a spoon or a syringe. The moment I put a bib on her, she would start crying and the minute she sees me holding a spoon, she would turn her head left and right to avoid the spoon or syringe, struggle, push my hand away forcefully, squeeze my hands and purse her lips. It’s a real struggle feeding her antibiotics now and she has to take antibiotics twice daily for 2 weeks. This evening, my maid and I spent over 30 minutes just feeding her 1.2ml of antibiotics. That’s only about 3/4 teaspoon but Baby C was struggling, crying and puked….. and I had to feed her all over again. I used a quarter slice of white bread, 1/2 a banana, a black grape and a small carrot stick to let her chew on to go with the meds but she still puked.    She is terribly terrified of meds after the hospital incident and I hope she will get over this phobia soon coz she has to be on antibiotics for a few more years until she outgrows her Kidney Reflux.  It is really exhausting feeding her the meds everyday.  I forsee the situation will only get worse as she grows coz she will gain more strength to struggle and push me away.  I can only pray that God will heal her from Kidney Reflux and get us both out from this nightmare soon.

  • 27Oct

    Ever since Baby C has been having frequent attacks of UTI and having bacteria detected in her pee most of the time, I have taken many precautionary measures to minimize bacteria from entering her body. Yesterday, I bought some Dettol wet wipes and a box of alcohol swabs from the pharmacy. 

    I wipe the railings on Baby C’s crib (the part where she chews and licks on all the time) at least twice a day with the alcohol swab. The dettol wipes are to wipe her toys and other things that she has contact with.  I wish I don’t have to do this, it makes me feel as if I have OCD (obsession compulsive disorder) but I am just trying my utmost best to prevent another UTI from attacking my poor baby.   It crushes my heart each time she has a UTI or has bacteria detected in her pee… as this would mean painful jabs for her and lotsa torture for my poor baby 🙁

  • 19Oct

    I don’t know if my nose is playing tricks on me. Yesterday morning at around 4am, Baby C’s soiled diaper smelled a tad foul. At 6am when I changed it again, it smelled a little foul too. And so for the whole of yesterday, I was obsessed with changing her diaper and sniffing the soiled diapers. I also collected her urine in a specimen bottle to inspect it myself. It looks rather clear but there were some particles floating inside. Our doctor did tell us that it’s not unusual to see floating particles inside the pee as these could be the tissue from the lining of the bladder or some skin cells. This morning at around 4am, the pee didn’t smell that foul but at 6am, it smelled like how it was yesterday. Oh gawd, this diaper sniffing routine is really driving me nuts and causing me panick attacks.

    My appointment with the pediatric surgeon is end of October. He said we only need to send the pee for another culture sometime end October. I am so paranoid now. I think I will send the pee for a test tomorrow. Having a baby with Grade III Kidney Reflux is like having a time-bomb for it will blow up anytime, i.e. when bacteria is detected in the pee…. and it’s causing me much mental and physical stress.

  • 09Oct

    Though I have 3 kids, it was only after I had Baby C that I found out that when a baby hiccups, this means that a poo poo is bound to follow suit.  It was my confinement lady who told me this.  I didn’t believe her but now, I swear by this cue.  Each time Baby C hiccups, a poo poo is sure to follow and this happens 9 out of 10 times.  Sometimes the hiccup will only come after the poop arrives.  Many people say feed your baby with water when she has a hiccup, but for me, I would say get ready a towel and a fresh diaper! 

    Do you see this phenomenon happening in your baby too?


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