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    What and who prompted me to write this post is my good friend, Miche. I was just Google chatting with her and she was telling me that her morning sickness for this pregnancy is terrible. She thought this would be an easy pregnancy too as she did not suffer from any morning sickness during her previous 3 pregnancies. But she was wrong. I told her to get a wrist band or a travel band. I wore it for all 3 of my pregnancies and it did help alleviate the nauseous feeling, though not completely.

    The morning sickness that I suffered when I was carrying Alycia, my first child was terrible.  The nauseous feeling was exacerbated by the loads of hormone pills that I consumed, to sustain the pregnancy.  It was so terrible that I could not stand the smell of food, especially the smell of garlic and fish.   The sight of food would make me wanna puke. I could not even watch cook shows on TV. Whenever my mil cooked and watched cook shows on TV, I would go upstairs to my room, draw up the curtains to avoid the sun and  hibernate!  Even the feeling of the sun on my skin made me feel nauseous.  I also could not stand the smell of the softener, Softlan and up until today, whenever I smell Softlan, I would still feel nauseated as the smell is still etched in my nostrils and my mind…. and the irony is that before I became pregnant, I used to love the smell of Softlan!

    When anti-vomiting pills that my gynae prescribed did not help much, I found out about the wrist band after searching the internet for a remedy for my severe morning sickness.  My hubby bought me one and after I had tried it and experienced a reduction in the nauseous feeling, I told him to get me another one. I wore it everyday for almost 2 months, until the morning sickness subsided after the 14th week.

    TRAVELBAND, when properly worn, applies continuous and gentle pressure on the P6 meridian point, or Nei-Kuan point, on each wrist. See drawing above for the proper location of the P6 point.

    Pictures taken from TravelBand.com


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