• 12Nov

    I shudder when my kids bring home sweets, candies and junk food from school. These snacks always go to our part-time helper, the guards at our condo or straight to the bin.  Well, I do allow some allowances, only on ‘healthy’ sinful snacks by buying only non-GMO chips, organic chips and chips made with minimal ingredients and food additives.

    I was sweetly delighted when I spotted a good range of organic sweets from a supermarket recently.

    The price of each bag of candy drop is  5-6 times more than the price of non-organic ones.  But it’s ok. It’s the quality that counts (and not quantity) and I really do not mind spending a little more on organic products.

    Our girls always pester me to buy them candies but I hardly ever give in. It’s their father who always gives in! Now, I can offer them these candies.

    How I miss A&W root beer and now it’s available in YumEarth Organics candy drops. I wanted to get a bag for the kids but they didn’t like root beer.

    They chose a bag of fruit candy drops.

    I was happy to note that no high fructose corn syrup is used to process these candies.  Almost every ingredient is organic.


    Sugar has been repeatedly demonized by some health experts as if it were the monolithic cause of insulin resistance, obesity and tooth decay. There’s always something wrong with generalizations such as this as it is an unfair act to lynch the good with the bad. Not all sugars are evil, the same way that not all saturated fats are bad.

    In terms of availability, versatility, convenience, texture, price, eco-friendliness, and nutrition the best substitute for the ubiquitous white sugar is perhaps organic cane sugar.

    Organic cane sugar is unrefined sugar minus the cancer-causing and environmentally damaging pesticides present in conventionally grown sugarcane.

    Compared to white sugar, organic cane sugar has the full-bodied taste of sugarcane and is much less processed, retaining a lot of the nutrients present in cane juice. Unrefined cane sugar contains 17 amino acids, 11 minerals, and 6 vitamins, including antioxidants that may help reverse oxidative damage. It is made up of sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

    Table sugar is just sucrose and calories, plus traces of chemicals utilized in the refining process such as lime, sulphur dioxide, and phosphoric acid. Organic cane sugar is not like brown sugar, which is white sugar with molasses thrown back in.

    Even good sugars should be consumed within healthy limits. While organic cane sugar is much better than white and brown sugar it would be a very prudent move to consume it in conservative amounts.

    Though there is a bag of candies in the kitchen counter now (which is rare), the kids are not binging on them. They know their limits and they know that sugar is bad and too much of it can cause diabetes, obesity and cancer. I’m glad that our kids are not addicted to junk food and sugar. But still, I know I should not totally ban them from access as they may rebel out of frustration and curiosity one day and binge to their hearts’ content on junk food. I certainly wouldn’t want this to happen.


  • 08Oct

    We all know that breast meat is lean and  healthier  in comparison to other parts of the chicken.  Lean chicken meat is one of the best sources of protein and perfect for health freaks on a low-carb and low-fat diet.   The problem with us is when we are served chicken, no one would touch the breast meat.

    Below is a common sight whenever we have roast chicken.



    I normally keep the breast meat and deep freeze them for ‘recycling’ at a later date.  I use it in fried rice, fried noodles, fried vegetables, pizza, salad, sandwiches and wraps by shredding the meat.

    These are my chives wraps with the ‘recycled’ chicken breast meat.  I saved the sauce that came with the roast chicken and spread it on the wraps.   Added fresh sweet corn kernels and a slice of cheese before baking it for 15 minutes in the oven.



    Oops!! The toothpick from one of the wraps came off and I could not join both ends back as the baked wraps had turned crispy and was easily breakable.  Alycia loved it anyway.  Taste is all that matters, not the appearance 😀


    A simple  yet yummy lunch for the girls on a day when I was just too busy to crank up the stove…




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  • 04May

    I found this very tasty yet not-so-junky snacks made from rye at our favorite mini mart.  Though a tad pricey, I took a bag of 6 packs to try. And I loved it!  A bag of 6 packs cost RM17.50.

    The cream cheese and chives snacks are made from 87% wholegrain rye flour, rye flour, cream cheese and chives flavor. The texture of the  chips crackers is very chewy suggesting that I am not biting on some white flour junk but on some high fiber wholegrains. While they are chewy, the chips crackers are very crispy as well.  Level of saltiness is just right for me but may be a tad salty for young kids. So I am keeping all these for myself 😀  Anyway, my kids do not really fancy it as they find the texture of the chips crackers a little coarse as they are loaded with whole grains.


    Nutritional information of 1 pack:

    Carbohydrate = 18.1g

    Calories = 91

    protein = 2.1g

    Sodium = 0.10g

    Fiber = 3.1g

    So this snack is still at an ‘acceptable’ level for this health freak mommy!

  • 20Feb

    Alycia has been bugging me to buy sausages but I have been ignoring her pleas as sausages ain’t a healthy choice of food.  But this girl sure knows how to tug her grandma’s heartstrings.  She managed to get her grandma to buy her a pack of sausages when we went grocery shopping last week.  Yesterday, she pulled her grandma’s heartstrings again,  requesting grandma to prepare sausages for her recess tomorrow (today’s recess).

    So grandma woke up at 5am today to pan fry the sausages and some eggs for her beloved grand daughters…

    Wheat germ bread wrapped with pan-fried eggs and sausages  for Alycia and Sherilyn’s lunch boxes for today’s recess.  Grandma then wrapped the rolled up sandwich with aluminum foil so that the girls can eat the sandwich easily without getting their hands oily, whilst retaining the heat of the egg and sausage.  I placed the lunch box in a thermal lunch bag.

    I also prepared an extra piece of sandwich for Aunty J, the girls’ van driver.   Everyone was happy!


  • 12Sep

    We ordered this Wood Fired Thin Crust Pizza Formaggi from our favorite cafe but I did not like the taste of one of the cheeses used in the topping. The taste of the white colored Ricotta cheese proved to be a tad over-powering for my palate and made my tummy churned. As compared to other flavors of pizza, this meatless pizza has a calorie of about 270 only for a quarter of the pizza, which is not that fattening. But too bad, the taste of the Ricotta cheese just did not please my palate. I am a cheese lover but my taste bud just cannot get along well with the strong flavor of some cheeses like blue cheese, Feta and Ricotta.

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  • 25May

    If there is such a thing as healthy junk food  snacks that give you the same addictive kick as the really unhealthy ones, I think I have found yet another one! Check out Blue Diamond’s All Natural Nacho chips made from brown rice and almonds. They are wheat and gluten free and are less fattening than potato chips. I tried the cheese flavor one recently and got hooked on it, albeit I must say that they are saltier than Food For Friends organic corn chips, which is my other favorite ‘healthy junk food’.

    Yesterday I bought the Sour Cream And Chives flavor, which is one of the other flavors of baked nut chips from Blue Diamond.  Between the cheese and sour cream flavor, the latter is less saltier.   But I like them both.  Despite these snacks branding themselves as healthy snacks, I still keep them away from my kids by gorging  lightly snacking on them in the morning when they are all in school.  Ah, the morning is my favorite time of the day when the house is oh so quiet and peaceful.   I really enjoy such bliss and serenity of munching on my favorite junk food snacks without having to eat them stealthily, hurriedly and choking myself wakakakaka!

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  • 02May

    I am so in the mood to eat pandan chiffon cakes lately and have been submitting my chiffon cake ‘orders’ to my mil, who happily obliged.  Lucky me that I have someone staying with me who loves to bake and does not mind getting into a baking and cooking frenzy several times a week.  Ever since the pandan chiffon cake crave hit me 3 weeks ago, she had baked 5 chiffon cakes (4 pandan-coconut milk flavor and 1 orange flavor). And I have been stuffing myself fat with chiffon cakes!  It feels so good to indulge in one’s comfort food.  Eating and retail therapy are indeed the top 2 stress-busters for me!

    Last week, my mil baked 2 pandan chiffon cake in a day and I ate almost 1 whole cake, all by myself! Chiffon cakes are also my kids’ favorite cake and I think homemade ones are pretty nutritious as they are made with fresh eggs, fresh coconut milk and fresh pandan juice (aka screwpine leaves). The ones that my mil baked are also low in sugar. But I think I will have to stave off cakes for the time being as my weight jumped up by a pound with all the sinful gorging on pandan chiffon cakes for the past 3 weeks! And ya know what? The durian season is here again and this spells trouble for me!! I seem to have a weakness for durians too!

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  • 05Mar

    Not the healthiest of breakfast choice, but the simple and cheap economical fried vermicelli or ‘king jai fun’ is my all-time favourite comfort food since aeons ago up until today! This simple yet comforting staple food served as breakfast and even lunch is ubiquetious in the morning, at road-side stalls, vans and in coffee shops. The usual side-dishes that go well alongside it are chicken curry, fried eggs, sausages, fish cakes, spring rolls fish balls and vegetables curry. Some like it eaten with soy bean sweet sauce (teem ceong), curry gravy and chilli sauce. For me, I like it eaten with chicken curry and fried fish spring rolls. I had sought so much comfort eating it during my 3 pregnancies as it had never failed to help reduce my morning sickness. I could eat it 3x a day and not get fed-up with it!

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  • 24Nov

    Here’s my very cheesy breakfast:

    Laughing Cow cheese spread on a packet of Meiji plain crackers with oats…

    and a few strips of Mozzarella mild cheese….

    This is supposed to be high-protein and low carbs… but a tad high on sodium though. I also gulped down a big mug of green tea after breakfast to burn off some of the fat hah!

  • 23Sep

    My kind of biscuits are those that are multi-grained and multi-seeded, made from wholewheat, are low in sugar or sugar-free, free from sweet cream fillings and low in oil. Here are some of them:

    Fjord wholemeal rye flour crispbread with sesame seeds.

    Goes very well with cheese spread and cheeses.

    Iko range of health biscuits.

    And once in a while, I indulge in this :
    Loacker cream filled mini wafers. My favorite is the hazelnut flavor.

    What’s your favorite type of biscuits?

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