• 05Jul

    Remember my earlier post on Alycia having a painful ulcer on her lower inner lip? On the advise of my mum (who had recurrent mouth ulcers recently but was healed and now have no more attacks), I bought a bottle of Vitamin B Complex and gave her a tablet a day. After just 3 tablets, she told me that the ulcer wasn’t causing her pain anymore and the ulcer is now fading. I will continue to feed Alycia with Vitamin B Complex to keep those mouth ulcers at bay. Hubby is also obediently popping the Vitamin B Complex now as he is also very prone to mouth ulcers.

    On the first day, Alycia didn’t want me to crush the tablet. She said she wanted to try swallowing it. It was her very first time swallowing a bitter tablet and she was so conscious of the tablet in her mouth that she just could not swallow the tablet and after a minute or so trying hard to swallow the tablet, she puked all her dinner out! The second day, she agreed to have the tablet crushed into powder. I then mix the crushed Vitamin B Complex with some homemade pineapple jam and she had no problem eating it.

    A recent study reported that a nightly dose of 1000 mcg of vitamin-B12 helped patients with recurrent mouth ulcers in reducing ulcers and in decreasing the duration of their outbreaks.

    The vitamin B complex tablets, pill crusher and pineapple jam.

    We also got Alycia a tube of Bonjela gel to apply on the ulcer and made her gargle her mouth with salt water twice-thrice a day. All these helped the ulcer and pain to subside.

  • 04Dec

    in her inner, upper lip for several days and I only found out 2 days ago when we were at KFC having lunch, sei moh!  Had I known that she has an ulcer, no way was I going to bring her to eat KFC, one of the heatiest food. 

    Anyway, when we were at KFC, Sherilyn told me again that her upper lip was pain pain. She had been telling my mil and me for the past 3 days or so that her mouth was pain pain but we brushed her aside, thinking that it was just an excuse as she didn’t want to eat her dinner. When it comes to avoiding her meals, she can come up with lots of excuses. She kept pointing to the upper lip, i.e. the part below her nostrils. Since I didn’t see anything red, I thought she had wanted my attention. But I was so wrong. When I turned her lip upward to see the inner part, I saw a medium sized ulcer on the lip.  For a moment, I felt so bad… felt like a terrible mum for brushing her aside and for not taking her seriously when she told me that her mouth hurt.  I quickly asked her to stop eating the nuggets and to eat only the mashed potatoes.  Anyway, she didn’t have appetite to eat much food. 

    After lunch, we brought her to see the doctor.  The doctor said that the ulcer was caused by some fungal / yeast infection and prescribed her with Mycostatin Oral Suspension. 

    Sherilyn is to hold the Mycostatin syrup in each side of her mouth (1.5ml for each side) for 30 seconds before swallowing it.  Initially, I had a tough time coaxing her to retain the syrup in her mouth and she almost puked.  After a few times, she got used to the cherry flavor taste and all of us had fun counting from 1-30 each time she held the syrup in her mouth before swallowing it and I rewarded her with some Haegan Dazs ice cream.

    Sherilyn getting a check from the doctor.


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